What if Retweet, Comment and Like were not the only options to react to a Twitter post? Jack Dorsey’s social network seems to be flirting with that idea, which could be transformed into the implementation of reactions to posts.

This is revealed by renowned reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong, who has shown a screenshot of what would be the new option. In it you can see a context menu that would allow add emojis as a reaction to tweets, in addition to the traditional options. In this way, one could more accurately reflect the sensation caused by a specific publication without the need for words.

Twitter is working on Tweet Reactions…? pic.twitter.com/3Sb6c8cYe3

– Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) June 10, 2020

The new tab seems to be still in an early stage of development, and may change if it finally decides to implement it. Likewise, it does not show the way in which it would be implemented in the mobile application, where it could acquire an even more visual aspect. Nor does it reflect how the tweets would be with the reactions of other users about them.

This is not the first time Twitter has experimented with this option, and it can currently be found similarly available in Direct Messages.

Changes on Twitter

Along with the emojis, the image of Wong reflects a last option, hinting that you could also choose react with Fleets. These are stories, similar to the Instagram Stories, that Twitter is testing in selected territories. At the moment, neither this possibility of response nor that of the emojis point to a global implantation, but there is nothing to indicate that this may not be the case in the future.

Twitter is immersed in a period of changes that have left various developments throughout recent times. In recent days, for example, the platform has installed an option to schedule tweets directly from the web and a system to control disinformation.

Wong recently revealed that the social network is also working to bring back one of the features lost years ago and longed for since then: the possibility of requesting verification. Having a verified profile means enjoying different options on Twitter, but the option was eliminated in 2017. Now, along with many other new features, it could return to service.


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