Conversations via Twitter will look slightly different in both smartphone apps and the web version. The North American company has decided to implement some of the ideas it had already tested on twttr, the prototype application it announced in 2019.

The changes are summarized, mainly, in two. First of all, the application now displays lines that make it easier to identify the hierarchy in the responses. On the other hand, additional responses are now grouped under a button with the text “show responses”. The appearance of the new system can be easily seen in the GIF that Twitter has published on its own profile:

Your conversations are the 💙 of Twitter, so we’re testing ways to make them easier to read and follow.

Some of you on iOS and web will see a new layout for replies with lines and indentations that make it clearer who is talking to whom and to fit more of the convo in one view.

– Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) May 5, 2020

In addition to the aforementioned, Twitter is also testing the option to hide the Like, Retweet and Reply buttons in the responses to a tweet. To retweet or like one of them, users will have to previously press on the answer itself. It will be then when these options appear.

“We are testing this functionality with a small group of users on both iOS and the web version to see how it affects monitoring and interactions with conversations,” the company explained through a tweet in its official profile.

Twitter already tested these changes on twttr

Both these and other functionalities have been previously tested in twttr. The objective of this application, announced during the first quarter of 2019, is to experiment with possible features before implementing them in the final version. twttr, therefore, can be considered as a beta version of the Twitter application that everyone knows.

This app is not available neither in Google Play nor in the App Store, as is the case of the official version. Access to it is limited to a small number of users who, at the time, agreed to be part of this version in development.

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