Over time I have learned that there are three types of Raspberry Pi users: those who use it for a very specific purpose; those who enjoy discovering and trying new uses for this sensational device; and those who bought it more out of curiosity and who, to this day, have kept it in a drawer for months (or even years). I will not say which group I am in, but I do know that for the second and third parties this news may be most interesting.

And is that Raspberry Pi Foundation just introduced High Quality Camera, a small plate to connect to our raspi and that has a 12.3 megapixel sensor and CS mount, and an optional adapter for C mount, plus those of third parties that make it compatible with other families. Something that you can easily appreciate by the superior image, in which we see this new component with a Canon 70-200mm f / 2.8, in a combination that seems impractical but certainly very striking.

In case you are wondering about its technical characteristics, these are the most important points:

Sony IMX477R sensor 12.3 megapixel, 7.9 mm diagonal sensor, 1.55 x 1.55 micron pixel size.
– Output format: RAW12 / 10/8, COMP8
– Focus: adjustable 12.5mm – 22.4mm
– Optical mount: CS mount (with optional C adapter)
– IR filter: included
– Tripod: 1/4 thread

As for objectives, although we have already clarified that with adapters it is possible to mount practically everything that passes through your imagination, for the launch of High Quality Camera the Raspberry Pi foundation proposes two lenses, 6 and 16 millimeters respectively (which, at least in Spanish distributors are purchased separately), and that you can see in the image below, next to the plate and the optional adapter for tripod

We are not talking about the first adapter to convert a Raspberry Pi into a digital camera. Already in 2013 the foundation launched its first camera plate, which featured a sensor OmniVision OV5647 5-megapixel, and which was quickly followed by the original Pi NoIR board, equipped with an infrared sensor.

Obviously we are not talking about using this adapter to convert a Raspberry Pi into a digital camera (either photo or video) with which to go out in the field to take photos, something that is obviously not impossible, but surely it would not be comfortable or practical . However, there are other uses, both for amateurs and professionals, in which really interesting things can be done.

It occurs to me, for example, that the use of such a system offers an economical and high-quality alternative to online content generators who, for budgetary reasons, choose to use webcams (with the optical limitations that this implies) compared to interchangeable lens digital cameras. Or also automated image recording / capture systems: from a security system to the technological base to automate captures for long periods of time.

In other words, with Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera it is possible reproduce many actions that are carried out with webcams, as well as with cameras connected to a PC, but improving image quality in the first case, and enjoying a significant cost reduction in the second. And this for a starting price of $ 50, What sounds interesting?


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