A few days ago, rapper Travis Scott became the most famous and popular character in Fortnite by throwing a virtual concert in those directions. Setting up a show in the style of 2020, Scott also premiered a new show for the 12 million people who connected to see it. Today, you can be part of them and enjoy the concert and their new single “The Scotts” with Kid Cudi.

Photo: Special

This experience was called Astronomical, and was described as “a unique musical journey”. At the concert, you can see a Fortnite-style version (half robot, half human) of the rapper performing in the middle of atypical places to win a song like underwater. We can also literally see him sing from another world.

Today, April 27, Travis Scott raffled off for everyone who was left wanting and posted the full video of their recent concert experience. The nine minute clip presents the debut “live” of his new single “The Scotts”.

I just witnessed Travis Scott’s recital on the Fornite. What a crazy gaming world! The future came a time ago. pic.twitter.com/FCOm5A7f7U

– Pichi Bodino (@bodinomatias) April 23, 2020

With more than 12 million people tuned in, Scott sparked the concert within the largest video game ever. He really put his amazing virtual “performance” on everyone’s lips and became a phenomenon in many countries around the world. Between lasers, and unreal scenes was that they revealed “The Scotts”. With a co-production by Mike Dean, the title of the single is a play with the rapper’s two names: Travis Scott and Scott Mescudi, the real name of Kid Cudi.

I’m not a fan of travis scott but what he did in fortnite was EPIC and this is a small part # PS4share pic.twitter.com/5ekcccpSVV

– ؘ (@emmanveI) April 23, 2020

Astronomical is not the first musical event to debut in Fortnite. EDM producer Marshmello released his own in-game concert in 2019. But Scott was much more involved and released a single in the video game. Here we leave you the video of the most contemporary concert made to date for you to enjoy for the first, second, or fifth time:


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