TikTok has exceeded 2 billion downloads. The Chinese application remains unstoppable and the situation with the coronavirus has only increased its popularity among those who are confined and find a way out of boredom by recording the short videos with music and effects for which the application is known.

The data, however, does not come from TikTok itself, but from the analysis firm Sensor Tower, where they have been closely monitoring the evolution of the service in recent times. And, in effect, they attribute the explosion in downloads, at least in part, to the coronavirus pandemic, although it is not something to be surprised about because the same has happened with most social content applications.

In addition, the TikTok phenomenon is nothing new: since 2018 it has positioned itself as one of the most downloaded applications in the world and its parent company, the Chinese ByteDance, was considered the most valuable startup in the world, with a valuation of 80,000 million of dollars.

Since then, TikTok rivals the great American companies, reaching out to exceed applications like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat in number of downloads. The only one that is resisting for the moment is WhatsApp and that considering only the data of the two large mobile software stores, App Store and Google Play Store.

This last high that TikTok has experienced, in fact, is according to Sensor Tower the biggest increase any application has ever had in a single quarter and as indicated in the report, only the App Store and Google Play Store are taken into account for the calculation, leaving out alternative stores in Asia (especially in China and India), the territory where TikTok is most popular.

All this despite the fact that we are talking about an application with a lot of social network that has been denounced by privacy problems and censoring criticism of the Chinese regime, but also for discriminating against users with physical and mental disabilities, and even for not adhering to the canons of beauty or shift class.


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