If you are a regular user of social networks like Twitter or Instagram, you may have seen a wallpaper with a spectacular sunset that you should not install in any case because It will block the operating system of your terminal.

In the last few hours, thousands of users of Android terminals (almost all manufactured by Google and Samsung, among others) have verified how, after configuring that wallpaper, the terminal entered a loop of on and off that prevented its normal use.

The solutions range depending on the model, from booting in safe mode at the terminals where it is available to forcing a factory reset, with the consequent loss of all data, although it could be restored from a local or cloud backup.

The reason why such a nice wallpaper causes Android to crash is exactly why: the color profile that it uses to display those rich colors is, in a nutshell, too much for the operating system.

On a more technical level, the color data used in the Skia profile embedded in the original image go beyond an acceptable range and unfortunately the wallpaper locks Android.

I found the cause in the Korean tech community.
It looks like a ‘Google Skia’ color profile issue.
(P1) Gimp
(P2) S10 default gallery app
(L. Google Skia, R. sRGB)

source: https://t.co/cQmsRXGBF9 pic.twitter.com/V9g6lThBxU

– Sleepy Kuma (@Kuma_Sleepy) May 31, 2020

It was first reported that the bug was affecting the Samsung Galaxy, but later it was found to cause the same bugs on the Pixel 3 XL as well. The investigation of the matter revealed that this error even affected terminals with the next Android 11 version installed on a Pixel 4 XL and can also be replicated in the Android Studio emulator.

If you like the wallpaper, but don’t want trouble, you can convert it to an sRGB profile more secure using image editors like GIMP or Photoshop. Or wait for Google to find a solution for the final version of Android 11. Samsung says it will fix it in future firmware versions.


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