The designer Giuseppe Spinelli, in collaboration with Lets Go Digital, has published a conceptual design of PS5 and the DualSense controller on video that has left us pleasantly surprised for its high level of detail and realism, so we wanted to share it with you.

Sony has not yet confirmed the design of the PS5, so what we see in this video does not have to be fulfilled as is. However, with the design of the DualSense, things change, since Sony has published official images and the conceptual render that Spinelli has created. could be moved directly to the final product, since everything fits perfectly.

There has been a lot of debate about which chassis Sony should use to shape the PS5, and the truth is that the Japanese company is in a difficult position, since it cannot bet everything in favor of design or cooling, it has to find a intermediate value, and I think the chassis that we see in this video could fulfill that idea of ​​balance.

Does that sound familiar to you? It is normal, it is very similar to the chassis used by some compact PCs, such as the ASUS GR8 II, although it presents some clearly differentiating nuances.

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Quantum Error shows the potential of PS5

In another order of things we have also had the opportunity to see a first video with real game scenes from Quantum Error, a game that, according to its managers, appears running on PC but that shows a configuration that is “almost at the same level” of what PS5 can offer.

Very interesting, without a doubt. This says something that does not surprise us, and that is that there are already PCs that are capable of offering the power of PS5. On the other hand, it also allows us to be clear about what we can expect from the first developments that will come to PS5. In this case we know that Quantum Error will have 4K resolution and will maintain 60 FPS.

The star technology of this new generation of consoles, ray tracing will be presentAnd the developers have confirmed that they will use the 3D sound capabilities of the PS5 as well as the capabilities of the Dual Sense to deliver a new gaming experience and the speed of the SSD to “eliminate” load times.


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