The PlayStation has been one of the most successful video game consoles in history for a lot of reasons, from its design, through the huge list of memorable titles to the gameplay. When the PlayStation 1 (or PS One for the guys) was introduced it was a real revolution, because nobody believed that you could have such impressive graphics at that time.

Over the years, the following versions of the PlayStation all they did was improve and leaps and bounds, adapting their consoles with the new technologies at hand, making the company quickly become a reference of video games. For now, Sony is nowhere to present the PlayStation 5, but it is important to remember the origins and evolution of all its consoles, because the PS One was born from a somewhat curious dispute with another Japanese giant of the same branch.

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In 1991, Sony wanted to fully enter the video game market, which at the time was controlled by Nintendo. Both companies joined forces to work on a project to to incorporate CD games on the Super Nintendo and that was presented at the Consumer Electronic Show technology fair that same year.

Although this association painted for great things, like everything good, it did not last forever. The day after this presentation, Nintendo broke off relations with Sony to partner with Philips. It was then that The Japanese company began to focus its efforts on its own project to create a new console.

After almost three years of hard work, on December 3, 1994 the PlayStation 1 hit the Japanese market, but the real boom of this console came when it launched worldwide in September 1995, because it was something that nobody had seen until that moment.

The birth of an icon

PlayStation 1 quickly became one of the most popular consoles of all time due to the facilities it offered for all gamers, from games that were already in CD format, 3D graphics quite surprising for the time, the opportunity to link two consoles with one cable and above all, lThe possibility of saving a game in the Memory Card accessoryDo you remember this wonder?

Another of the great successes of Sony was the control that they put to this console, the so-called DualShock analog controller, which thanks to its design and vibration function (something very innovative) became the role model within the industry. Back then it only had the classic action buttons that allowed to better explore a video game, but later they renewed it to add the joysticks.

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In addition to these technological wonders, the first PlayStation included a lot of games that accompanied us in our childhood, how Crash Bandicoot, tomb Raider, resident Evil, Gran Turismo, Tekken, Final Fantasy, Ridge Racer, Metal Gear Solid or FIFA. At that time almost 8 thousand games were published just for this console.

The original PlayStation remains one of the best-selling consoles in history, with more than 102.49 million of units worldwide and with a reissue that Sony released a few years ago with prerecorded games, to remind us that although it has currently been surpassed in terms of graphics by themselves, it is the largest banner of the company.

The PlayStation 2 revolution

After the enormous reception that the first PS One had, Sony put the batteries to present a new console that would finish consolidating them as a giant within video games. In March 2000, the PlayStation 2 came into our lives, which over time became an instant classic for various reasons.

To begin with they left the gray color to put a much more elegant and striking black. But speaking of technical specifications, this PlayStation completely improved 3D graphics, making all the characters in the games look extremely realistic, they introduced a control that was sensitive to touch and also added a camera for the console, the EyeToy, the SingStar microphones and the musical peripherals to rock the Guitar Hero.

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As if this were not enough, it also presented a very important innovation, since you could watch movies on DVD, all thanks to the change change of game support, from CDs to this new format. Although it already existed on the PS One, on this console the titles of Grand Theft Auto (especially Vice city and San Andreas), God of war, Ratchet & Clank, Jak and Daxter: The Precusor Legacy and more.

The PlayStation 2 was withdrawn from the market in 2012, and to date is still the world’s best-selling console (over 162 million units. We are sure that many still keep it and suddenly turn it on to relive the good times.

The huge technological step

It was a long time for Sony to renew its flagship console and it was until 2007 when the PlayStation 3 reached the whole worldwhich was the real change for the company will bet on looking towards new technologies barely developing or short on the market, featuring 3D stereoscopic movies and games and a motion controller, the PlayStation Move

For this console they changed the format of the games again, this time to Blu-ray, in addition to incorporating an HDMI output port, which allowed to improve the resolution up to 1080p of all the games. PlayStation 3 is the first to introduce an internal hard drive, making the beloved Memory Cards disappear forever.

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Another of the great innovations of this PlayStation was that they said goodbye to the cables for their controls, because they were the first video game companies to present a completely wireless control. In addition, they included PlayStation Network, the online gaming platform, music, movies, television console and with him also came the PlayStation Store, which functions as a hub for downloading and reserving games.

Among the most memorable titles on the PlayStation 3 we have quite strong names that became milestones within the gamer world like The Last Of Us, Grand Theft Auto V, Uncharted, Batman: Arkham City, Gran Turismo 6 and the saga LittleBigPlanet

The newest generation

The next generation, and the console that is currently on the market is the Playstation 4, which came out in 2013. This console has gained in power and graphic quality to all its predecessors with the introduction of a high-performance CPU and GPU that it wins in terms of graphics quality to many in the market.

Thanks to the power of this gem that many gamers love, Sony was able to introduce virtual reality thanks to the PlayStation VR helmet. As if this wasn’t enough, they also made major changes to the control, It now has the ability to capture screens and videos, a light bar and even a touch panel.

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Further, they introduced PlayStation Now, an online subscription service that gives you access to tons of PlayStation 3 and 4 titles, For you to download or download on demand. You can even play on a computer if you have this wonder and the control of the console.

The Play Station 4 has become the second best-selling console in history with more than 102.8 million units sold, thus surpassing the PlayStation 1, with great games such as Death stranding, Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn and many more.


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