AVM’s FRITZ! App WLAN is compatible with mobile devices based on Android and iOS, we can download it in a simple and safe way, since it is present in the official app stores of both operating systems, Google Play Store and App Store, and it is completely free.

A month ago we told you about MyFRITZ! App, and today we want to tell you three things that you can do with the application FRITZ! WLAN App.

The FRITZ! App WLAN from AVM allows us to link our iOS or Android based smartphone or tablet to our FRITZ! Box in a simple and direct way. We can, for example, scan a QR code using the camera of our mobile device to easily complete the pairing, and we can also choose the classic pairing through WPS.

What can I do with the FRITZ! App WLAN?

1.-Measure the speed of your Internet connection and coverage

We can use this application to visualize, in a clear and instant way, the status of our Wi-Fi connection, both in terms of range (coverage) and its speed and signal strength.

It is important to note that when measuring performance we will obtain a result that indicates actual speed to which the data is transmitted between our smartphone and our FRITZ! Box, that is, we will achieve a completely realistic result that will allow us to assess whether or not our connection reaches an optimal value.

We can also use this application to measure coverage and range of the signal in all corners from our home or office. Thus, if we detect that an area does not have a good signal, we can value the possibility of using a repeater to improve the situation.

2.-Activate special access for our guests.

Having a guest network is very useful, especially if we have configured our Internet connection with quite high security settings that make sharing Wi-Fi with visitors a bit of a hassle.

Through the FRITZ! App WLAN we can activate the special access for guests, and In a very simple way. We just have to enter the corresponding option and activate it, without further ado.

Having special guest access will help us keep the security of our Internet connection without having to give up offering good hospitality to our visits, and in total comfort.

3.-It helps you place a Wi-Fi repeater in the right place

You have it clear, you are going to buy a FRITZ! Repeater for expand the scope of your Internet connection, but you are not clear where you should place it. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry, with the FRITZ! App WLAN you will find the best place to place it.

You just have to enter “my repeaters” and the application will automatically guide you to give with the best place to locate your repeater.

Before finishing the process, the strength of the Wi-Fi signal will be measured in the chosen place so that you are clear, until the last moment, if it is really a good place to place the repeater. All the information you need will be represented in the form of graphics simple.

You can also analyze if the place where you have placed a repeater is the right one or not. In case it is not, the application will help you find another optimal location.

Content provided by AVM FRITZ.


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