An internet connection depends on many different factors. The router, the quality of service offered by our Internet provider and even the environment in which the connection is made can significantly affect our experience of use.

All of this shapes a reality very complex which can be difficult to assimilate and to understand. For this reason, we wanted to give shape to this simple guide, in which you will discover seven things that can affect in a very negative way your Internet connection. To balance the balance we will also see eight things that can help you improve it.

We must bear in mind, as always, that simultaneously apply all the positive points will help us to improve in a remarkable way our Internet connection, and that if all the negative points come together we will have a very serious problem.

If you have any questions you can leave it in the comments and we will be happy to help you to solve it. Without further ado, we begin.

Seven things that can make our Internet connection worse

Put the router in an inappropriate place. For example, in a corner or in a low position.
Orient the external antennas of the router poorly, if you have them (not all routers have antennas of this type).
Do not update the firmware of the router periodically. Typically, bugs are fixed, stability and performance are improved, and new features can be included through these types of updates.
Locate the router in areas where it is surrounded by obstacles that strongly block the signal, such as mirrors or fish tanks with large bodies of water.
Neglect router security settings. This will make things easier for intruders, and can compromise our Internet connection.
Use older protocols, such as Wi-Fi 2 and earlier, which can greatly reduce speed.
Do not use the Wi-Fi 5 standard whenever possible.

Those seven keys affect, together, both the speed and stability and range of our Internet connection. If only some of them are present, our experience of use can be quite weak, but if all of them concur at the same time, we will have a terrible experience.

Luckily we can correct them without too much effort. Keep in mind that, in case you want to extend the range of your Wi-Fi connection, you should avoid using low-quality repeaters, since they will only give you problems.

Eight things that can improve our Internet connection

Place the router in a central, elevated position and away from obstacles and sources of interference. It can make a huge difference.
Adjust the orientation of the external antennas well. For example, if we want to reinforce the scope to a room located on an upper floor, we must tilt them slightly and orient them towards it.
Keep the router updated. Some manufacturers, such as AVM, release regular updates that introduce major improvements in terms of both security and performance, and also bring new features.
If your router does not automatically manage the use of the least saturated channels, you must do it manually through the configuration menu.
Use Wi-Fi 4 and Wi-Fi 5 wisely. Remember that the second is faster, but the first has a longer range.
Configure the security of your Internet connection and change the default passwords, it will avoid unpleasant surprises.
Check the presence of applications in the background that may be consuming network resources on the devices that you have connected to the Internet.
Restart the router. It is a very simple thing that can help you to return to normal an Internet connection that was not working as it should. Disconnect the router from the power for one minute and reconnect it.

If you need to expand the scope of your Internet connection remember that you can choose repeaters Wi-Fi and by PLC devices. In case you want to get to a remote area and with many obstacles along the way, the best thing is a PLC, since it transmits the signal through the electrical network and will allow you to avoid all those obstacles.


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