Google faces a new and important penalty if US courts admit the demand filed this week against the company. This lawsuit against Google has been filed because the company allegedly invades the privacy of millions of Internet users, making Traces of your Internet use when they use their browser with private browsing mode enabled.

The measure, according to Reuters, seeks that the company has to pay a 5,000 million fine of dollars, and accuses Google of gathering information in a hidden way about what people consult online and where they navigate, even with the navigation mode incognito. According to the lawsuit, filed before the Federal Court of San José, in California, Google collect data in Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager and other applications and plugins on web pages. It does so even through smartphone apps, and regardless of whether users click or not while browsing advertisements that Google supports.

In this way, Google can obtain information about contacts, preferences, purchasing habits and all kinds of data about your online behavior. According to the lawsuit, which proposes to convert it to a class, the company “cannot continue to participate in the covert and unauthorized collection of data from virtually any US citizen who uses a computer or telephone.” It is designed to include millions of Google users who have surfed the Internet privately or incognito since June 1, 2016, and aims to ensure that each user who joins the demand receives a minimum compensation of $ 5,000 for violate California privacy laws and federal listening regulations.

According Jorge Castaneda, Google spokesperson, the company will firmly defend itself against these accusations, and “as we clearly establish each time you open an incognito tab, web pages may be able to collect information about your browsing activity.”

Users consider that private browsing keeps them safe from surveillance, but security experts do not agree with it at all, and have long been expressing concern that not only Google, but other companies as well, may be able to get more information about users even if they use different navigation modes. In addition, they can also combine the information of their private browsing with that obtained with the conventional one.

It is far from the only sanction that Google has faced in recent years, since to date it has accumulated several fines in different countries and for different reasons. Among them, for the violation of the GDPR, by which France imposed a sanction of 50 million euros last year, to which he joins another 150 million euros per position abuse dominant. But the largest fines have been taken in the European Union. Especially by monopoly, among which one of 4,343 million of euros by using Android that the EU gave it two years ago and that the company appealed in its day. Before, in 2017, another of 2.4 billion euros per monopoly in searches.


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