During this weekend there was a massive leak of content from The Last of Us Part II that, in the end, could not be stopped. You already know how the Internet works, it is enough that an interesting topic is published in the appropriate place for a few minutes so that it begins to run like wildfire and ends being unstoppable.

The source of this leak has not been clearly identified, but it is clear that this is someone who has been involved in one way or another in the development of The Last of Us Part II, since the content that has been leaked They are not available to anyone, and these include different real game scenes containing numerous spoilers.

For obvious reasons I am not going to comment on any of those spoilers, and I’m also not going to allow direct references to them in the comments that may harm other users. I could have closed the comments directly when publishing this article and I have not done so because I want to give you the opportunity to tell me what Sony should do in the face of this leak, but if things get out of hand I will not hesitate to take “the lock”.

What should Sony do with The Last of Us Part II?

It is important to be clear that the leaked content and the details of the story that have been published they could belong to an old version of the gameThat is, they may have changed to a greater or lesser extent and they do not correspond to the final version that Sony would plan to launch.

If that were the case the Japanese company, and Naughty Dog, will have it easy enough, they could continue to postpone launch from The Last of Us Part II until deemed appropriate. As you know, its delay occurred indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it aimed to prevent it from damaging sales of The Last of Us Part II.

By cons, if everything that has been leaked is real and corresponds to the final state of the game Sony and Naughty Dog have taken a hard blow, and I think the best they could do is launch The Last of Us Part II as soon as possibleAlthough they have to distribute it mainly in digital format, it would not be a problem at this point. I remind you that some sources also pointed to a PC version, which would facilitate its monetization.

Another option, more complex and expensive, would be to change some key parts to shape a story with new parts that renders this massive leak worthless, even partially. Now it’s your turn, What should Sony do?


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