Over there they say that there is no deadline that is not met and finally, after a long time of waiting (which felt like an eternity thanks to the quarantine) Sony revealed more details behind the most anticipated console of this 2020, obviously we are talking about the PlayStation 5Well, for some months now they released some details but nothing that really excited us.

At the beginning of the year, the Japanese company presented us with the logo of its new console, and later the technical specifications that this jewel would have came out, which are basically summarized in a Blu-Ray Ultra Tracing unit, 3D Audio sound, high-speed SSD storage to minimize video game load times and redesign of the control with haptic functions, giving both a new look and sensations.

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Later they showed us the wonderful DualSense, a completely renewed control with which you can live new experiences when putting your favorite video game, since you can enjoy sensations when playing as the slow traction of a car in the mud and many more.

As if this were not enough, for all those who after playing a good time on their console are tired of using headphones, Sony has decided to incorporate into this DualSense a new speaker and microphone system, so that it does not distract you for a single moment from what you are doing, something that will undoubtedly please all those who hate annoying hearing aids.

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But now, Sony presented us with the games that will come for the PlayStation 5 and the truth is that we cannot with all the excitement. The event started with everything, because nothing was saved from the beginning, announcing that Grand Theft Auto V will return for the online version completely free and renewed.

And that did not stop there, the chubby premieres came with the announcement of a game of Spider-Man with the very dear Miles Morales, a new story from our friendly neighbor.

They also showed us how the Gran Turismo 7, with graphics that will really make you feel like you are handling one of those arms.

Later and for all the nostalgic, two titles appeared that without a doubt many gamers of yesteryear missed, Ratchet and Clank, who will return with new adventures for the PlayStation 5.

Further, Sackboy, one of the most beloved characters in Little Big Planet It will have its own history within this spectacular new console.

After this the ads relaxed a bit with titles like Returnal, one of the new titles on PlayStation 5 that will undoubtedly make us have a good time stuck on the couch.

Calming our cravings a bit, the developers showed us Oddworld: Soulstorm, with an impressive gameplay that shows us a fantastic world, which with the confirmed graphics for this new console will surely be a real delight to play.

Continuing with the amazing graphics, Shinji Mikami showed us a new gameplay of GhostWire: Tokyo, and judging by what we saw at the event they will really make us feel like we are in the Japanese capital. Just check how cool it looks.

For all lovers of Demon’s Souls We have great news for you, because after a long time after its official launch, it will have a remake for the PlayStation 5, so save money because you will surely want to have it before anyone else.

After all these announcements, finally came what many expected. For years it has been speculated that resident Evil would have a new installment in the coming years, but now it is official with the premiere of Village, where we will see back to one of the favorite characters of the saga, Chris Redfield.

And already entered the games that marked our gamer life, within the PlayStation 5 event, they also announced that Hitman will be back with a third game, so they better tune the trigger if they don’t want to disappoint him.

Many of us bought a console to play basketball with our friends, and after canceling the event to present this great game, they gave us a small look at NBA 2K21 with the player Zion Williamson. Is it clear that this is a video game? Because the truth looks sooo real.

A few days ago we were shocked with the launch of the SpaceX Crew Dragon with NASA, and to continue thinking about space and with a next trip to the Moon, we were presented with the gameplay of Pragmata. One of the video games that left us with a square eye.

Approaching the final stretch, now we did get a real bombshell, because they announced that Horizon would come back into our lives with a new title called Forbidden West, and we can say from now that it will be one of the greatest successes of the next Sony console.

To close with a flourish, Sony could not leave us empty-handed. When we believed that this would only come from video games, the Japanese company pulled the ace up its sleeve showing us what the PlayStation 5 will look like, which will feature two versions, PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition, with DualSense control, DualSense charging station, HD Camera, Pulse 3D headphones, remote control.

Over there they say it looks like an internet modem, but the truth is that it does not matter what is aesthetic if we can take each and every one of these great games.


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