We live in quite complex times, where health and social problems are the order of the day. However, the gamer world brings a lot of surprises for us these days, but the most exciting of all of them is the event that we will live today, where we will know more details than expected by many, PlayStation 5.

At the beginning of the year, Sony revealed some technical details that this new console would have, leaving us with the slime for some of its characteristics. But beyond that, ducks had been made to show what it would look like and above all, how much it would cost, and they calmed our anxieties a little teaching the world simply by teaching DualSense, the new control who will have this wonder.

Photo: Sony

For a few weeks now, A very special virtual event was announced where they will give more details about the PlayStation 5, but due to the murder of George Floyd and all the media attention Sony would have with this announcement, they made the decision to postpone it until it was prudent, and fortunately this June 11 is the date to know what is new for the most anticipated console of the year.

Although many have said that at this event we will finally see physically what it looks like, the truth is that they have made it very clear that we will see the games that will come for the PlayStation 5, but we do not lose the hope that in one of these they take pity on us, launch the first images and already throwing more, They even announce how much it will cost and the release date..

Sony suspends PlayStation 5 event due to protests in the United States

But speaking specifically of video games, in recent months a lot of titles have been rumored that would come to make us happy on the new PlayStation. According to Comicbook, within the ads it is almost a fact that Call of duty, resident Evil and Gran Turismo have other much more modern and exciting installments, and for now these are the games that sound strong for the console:

Horizon Zero Dawn 2
New Ratchet and Clank
Gran Turismo 7
Demon’s Souls Remake
Silent Hill Reboot
Bloodborne Remaster
Resident Evil 8
Call of Duty 2020

But there have also been less credible rumors and without so many foundations that point to a much bigger list of video games, some completely new remakes of artists the size of Hideo Kojima and titles we love like Crash Bandicoot, Starfield, Batman, Final Fantasy, Harry Potter until Spider-man. Here we leave some that sound but are not as likely to be announced at the PlayStation 5 event.

SOCOM reboot
Final Fantasy XVI
Red Dead Redemption Remastering
New Crash Bandicoot game
Elden Ring
New Batman game
GhostWire: Tokyo
New Harry Potter game
Remake God of War 2
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2
New video game by Hideo Kojima
Dying Light 2
BioShock 4
Far Cry 6
Project Awakening
The Last of Us Part 2 Online
Legacy of Kain remake


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