After avoiding, on two occasions, a presentation that has not happened, the Android 11 beta it’s here. Unlike last year, in 2020 this version is only considered as such from its presentation, and comes with a good amount of news.

However, and as is increasingly common among software updates of operating systems, they both borrow items partner or adversary simply because they work.

In Android 11 This is no different, and this time it is time to review some of the characteristics that seem to come from the ideas of others. These may well be the iPhone, but also other mobile manufacturers with Android in their customizations, and even Facebook.

The first great feature of Android 11 is the bet on the smart home. In the next version of Android, it will come from the shutdown panel. It is the alternative to the iPhone Control Center. It is true that it is somewhat less accessible in this location, but it will avoid confusion with the other settings.
Another is the ability to give throw and use permissions to applications. Perhaps we only plan to use it sporadically, and access to the location seems excessive to us for its function. This feature arrived last September on iOS 13.
But not only the iPhone is drunk on Android 11. In this version of the system the bubbles arrive to messaging, integrated at the system level. This is a feature that we saw on Facebook Messenger years ago, only now any application can integrate it at the system level.
The screen recording It was already proposed among the Android 10 betas in 2019. However, they never reached the final version. This is found in the quick settings panel in the first beta of Android 11 and, if it finally lands in the final version, it will be available in a very similar way to how the screen is recorded on Apple’s mobile systems.
In addition, a control is finally included that allows us select the playback destination on the device. Similar to AirPlay management in the iOS Control Center, we can select the headphones or speakers in which we want to reproduce the audio in a direct and simple way.

Finally, Android 11 will establish a simple and direct editing mode for screenshots. Here what is seen on iOS is recycled as well as what many Android mobile manufacturers have been presenting for years in their customization layers.

If you have a Pixel device, you can now install the latest version from Google’s mobile operating system. Although we still do not know anything about the next Google Pixel 4a, it is possible to install it on all other Google phones, except the original Pixel. You just have to follow these simple steps.


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