The Xiaomi Pocophone F2 will not be the hit on the table for the high-end smartphone market that was the Pocophone F1. The expected terminal, which will soon reach the international market, would do so with a noticeably higher price than the firstborn of the brand.

Having revealed its presentation date in Spain and other territories last Wednesday, Xiaomi is preparing to welcome what has been one of the most rumored phones in recent times. With no trace of him throughout 2019, the successor to the “bargain” smartphone is just around the corner, probably in code of Redmi K30 Pro.

It would be from this terminal, coming from another of the brands linked to the Chinese technology, from which the Pocophone F2 would take the references. Thus, and with first-class specifications that have been making smartphones more expensive in recent times, their price would increase considerably. The remaining question, of course, is regarding the amount of this rise and how it may affect the product in general.

Pocophone F2: sale price

The specialized portal 91Mobiles filters this Thursday what could be the final price of the Pocophone F2. Citing its own source, the media assures that the terminal would reach the European market for 570 euros. In parallel, a Portuguese source revealed days ago that the device would start at 649 euros in that territory.

Whatever its value is, the only thing that seems certain is that it will be far from the 329 euros from which the Pocophone F1 started. The improvement of its characteristics and the increase in the cost of its components could be some of the reasons that justify the notable increase. In addition, assuming it will incorporate Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 processor, the Pocophone F2 will also have 5G connectivity. All this would result in more expensive equipment and, therefore, the loss of that great incentive for its sale.

All doubts will be cleared the next day May 12, which will be when Xiaomi officially presents the terminal, as confirmed by the company itself.

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