Life begins to break through the new normality caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The film industry, like the rest of the sectors, is also looking for its place. With many movie theaters closed, and the rest with high capacity restrictions, there is a business model that could live – again – its golden years. Faced with the crisis of the projection rooms, the era of drive-in movies returns.

It does not matter whether they are premieres – the blockade in Hollywood productions does not bring too many titles to the card in the coming weeks – or that they are reruns of the classics that never fail. The drive-in theater meets all the necessary requirements that the coronavirus pandemic obliges to carry out: social distance and hygiene.

Few are the drive-ins that survive the big screening rooms, but Florida is undoubtedly one of those small redoubts. One of the few that still preserve classic rooms from the 60s. Now it will also have the largest in the world to the envy of movie lovers.

Three of the five screens of the drive-in theater will be dedicated to the big screen premieres

Called Lighthouse 5, this drive-in theater will be nothing but the largest in the North American country and envy worldwide. Unlike its older brothers –at least in age–, Lighthouse 5 will have – as its name indicates – with 5 screens that will be able to broadcast simultaneously. A problem for the sound of the film? For those who have never attended a drive-in theater, they should know that the sound of the projection is emitted through the radios of the vehicles. These screens are separated by such a distance that the emission of the nearest one will not be disturbed.

According to the company that owns the great drive-in theater, tThe screens will be dedicated to the big premieres. At least when they return to the broadcast wheel. The remaining two screens will be dedicated to the projection of classic films from all decades and the broadcasting of film festivals, as well as author films or special events under reservation. In the center a lighthouse, hence the name of the place, which centralizes the entire life of the drive-in theater.

In this way they keep nostalgic people looking for some of the charm of the past cinema happy and manage to attract that new audience that is looking for the latest on the billboard.

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