Last October, two events coincided in the city of Wuhan, at the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic that has since kept the world on edge. At the same time that the first cases of the now known as COVID-19, the seventh edition of the World Military Games was held.

This sort of Olympics for those enlisted in the armed forces of up to 110 nations, or Peace Games, received more than 9,300 competitors in their latest edition and see the sport as “an effective diplomatic enabler.” It does not appear to be the case for Maatje Benassi, an American cyclist and reservist in the US Navy, who has located at the center of a conspiracy theory that places it at the origin of the Wuhan coronavirus.

A coincidence like any other, but that in the heat of the crossing of accusations between the American and Chinese governments about the origin of SARS-CoV-2, it was enough to put Maatje and her husband Matt in the internet crosshairs. As CNN tells, what started last March as one more theory at the hands of old acquaintances of the conspiracy theories that flood the web has ended up being a complete nightmare for the American couple.

Maatje Benassi participated in the women’s cycling test and, despite a fall, finished the test in Wuhan the same month that the first cases were detected. Today it is enough to enter her name in a search engine to find dozens of publications that place her as the zero patient of the coronavirus in Wuhan. One of the channels with the most impact is that of George Webb, a 59-year-old youtuber and a self-proclaimed investigative journalist who ** connects Benny Benassi – the creator of Satisfaction, the hit of 2002 – with this American woman and the COVID infection -19.

Of course, the DJ denies it. He, a 53-year-old Italian, denies having contracted COVID-19, or at least having suffered from any of the symptoms of this disease. Webb affirms, in one of his videos on this subject and according to CNN, that the musician is Dutch, compared to his nearly 100,000 subscribers.

After the theory was catching some inertia in the network, where it was quoted in Chinese state-controlled media such as Global Times, the Benassi family claims that they have received a whole barrage of criticism and even online threats, where some of the comments even propose executing them.

Meanwhile, the couple affirms that they feel totally helpless and that, despite their position in the Armed Forces, they do not have the means to defend themselves against this type of threat. In fact, the police themselves indicate that the next step would be to hire a private lawyer, through which take action against Webb. This would be a great investment for them.

Upon request for concrete and specific evidence to support Webb’s theory connecting Maatje, her husband, and Benny to the origin of the coronavirus, Webb does not present any, other than point to “circumstantial evidence” and a source in a hospital where he allegedly and According to him, Maatje would work. YouTube, meanwhile, claims to have previously withdrawn monetization from Webb, which has acknowledged reaching the order of a few hundred dollars a month with this type of content.

It is not the first time that a theory without any conclusive proof searches for a mysterious cause of the coronavirus. At the beginning of the month, some 5G coverage antennas began to appear in flames, as a supposed agent of the virus.

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