A few months ago we spoke to you for the first time about HP Reverb G2, a project in which it has had, as star partners, with Microsoft and Steam to develop the new generation of their virtual reality viewer. As at that time, much more is still unknown about the project, which, yes, has already been announced by both Steam and the manufacturer, HP.

So, waiting for news about what will probably be the reference virtual reality viewer for Steam, today we woke up with a surprising tweet from WalkingCat (@ h0x0d) showing the image that opens this news, and It could be the definitive design of HP Reverb G2. It has also published an image of the device drivers that we show you below.

It is more than known that Steam is firmly committed to virtual reality, both participating in technological developments such as these HP Reverb G2, as well as ensuring that the technical requirements to enjoy it are not an entrance wall that prevents many interested people from enjoying this type of immersive experience.

For its part, that Microsoft also joins the project makes us think that it also we could be talking about the virtual reality headset “by default” both for the present generation and, above all, for the next-gen of Xbox, the Redmond’s console. Recall that both Steam and Microsoft tend to focus on their own hardware, so HP Reverb G2 would be an exception (not the only one, of course) in this regard, and an important accolade for HP’s virtual reality technology.

I qualify that it would not be the only exception because Steam has also offered, in the past, directly through its platform, the HTC Vive headset. However, for a while this part the company has opted exclusively for Valve Index, its own viewer. Thus, of course, the question is whether when the arrival of HP Reverb G2 occurs we will see both devices competing with each other on Steam, if Valve Index will experience a price drop or, even, if it will disappear from the market leaving all the focus on the model of HP.

At the moment we can look at the original model of 2019, which already offered more than interesting features, such as a 2160 x 2160 pixel resolution per eye with 25 pixels per degree and a 114 degree field of view. Thus, the question is whether we will see improvements in all or part of these aspects, or on the contrary, HP Reverb G2 will focus on other aspects (comfort, performance, etc.), trusting that its performance in terms of image quality continues being totally adequate today.

Be that as it may, any bid to boost virtual reality is welcome. As with other technologies that were very promising, the RV has not hit yet with the force that we expected at the time. The high price of headsets, a limited supply of titles to enjoy it and the space conditions necessary to enjoy it may be acting as a drag. And it is evident that HP Reverb G2 will not be a “cheap” product, but if its arrival causes a drop in the price of Valve Index, it can help even more to popularize this technology.


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