The COVID-19 pandemic has forced cancel major international events, and not even those that were going to be held in September, such as the Tokyo Game Show 2020, have escaped such a fatal fate.

E3 2020, whose celebration was scheduled for JuneIt was also canceled, a measure necessary to respond to a pandemic that has turned out to be more serious than we all expected, and which may not be fully controlled even at the end of this year.

With the cancellation of the Tokyo Game Show 2020 we are left without one of the most important events from the world of video games, although luckily it is a partial cancellation, since there will be a online version which will take place from September 24 to 27.

The organizers of the event, the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (CESA), has confirmed that this decision has been made because they understand that the most important thing is to prioritize the health of workers and assistants to the event, and they have indicated that they will offer new information at the end of this month of May.

What can we expect from a Tokyo Game Show 2020 online?

It is clear that the simple fact that it is not done in person already invites us to think about a “decaffeinated” eventAlthough it may keep much of its interest if Sony and Microsoft use the dates of the event online to present important news related to PS5 and Xbox Series X.

We will have to wait for the CESA to publish the new information that they have promised at the end of this month, since it is likely that we will find it a detailed program with the contents of each of the celebration days that the Tokyo Game Show 2020 will have in its online version.

Right now we just have to be patient. The de-escalation will take place gradually and little by little we will enter what is known as “The new normal”In other words, there is still a long way to go before we return to the situation we had before the COVID-19 outbreak last January.


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