With a deceptive philosophical tone, the Westworld season finale left the doors open for its next season. A post apocalyptic world that, although it regained free will, will have to face a possible final confrontation between artificial intelligence and the human species.

And with a fourth season announced, the series is heading for what is perhaps an ambitious twist on the future of its most beloved characters and its most intriguing storylines. But before you will have to answer some questions and confirm some theories.

We leave you a compilation of the most immediate questions – and the hypotheses that he left behind – the ambiguous and for many fans, unsatisfactory final chapter of the third season.

Will we say goodbye to Dolores?

After being the park’s continued awareness for three seasons, it seems that the character played by actress Evan Rachel Wood came to an end. Especially after half fulfilling his great goal of free the human species from the control of Roboam.

The final chapter shows us the body without life and without memory of Dolores. Everything at the foot of the creation of the Serac, turned into an unlikely heroine. Is it the end of the leader of the Westworld rebellion and perhaps the most visible symbol of the tortuous power of the park imagined by Robert Ford?

Most certainly not: Dolores copied her identity pearl more than three times, and also took enough precautions to avoid disappearing entirely. The Dolores destroyed by Engerraund Serac even lacked the key that The Sublime did, making her confrontation with Roboam seem more anecdotal than any other style.

Also, if we consider the way Caleb had access to everything you need to bring Dolores back after “dying” from the electromagnetic pulse at Solomon’s feet, the character is more than likely guaranteed to return for a fourth season. Will she have to face herself, the mysterious army that the fake Hale creates in series?

Westworld: Caleb and Maeve, at the forefront of a new revolution?


The final episode of the Westworld season seemed to suggest that the powerful hostess and one of the anomalies of the haunting dystopia of perfection of the future they would unite to save the world. From the chaos resulting from the total liberation of the collective consciousness? From the latent threat of fake Charlotte Hale? As in so many other things, Westworld’s plot does not clarify the picture too much and leaves both characters looking at the fire of the new world.

Most likely, yes: it is quite likely that despite being freed by Dolores del Roboam, the world must face the serious threat of something more twisted. Courtesy of the powerful survivors. On the one hand, Delos and Incite have even of all kinds of information and few scruples, as if to impose a new order on you. And while much of the Delos board of directors died amid Serac’s machinations, there are still several active members with William at the helm. Could it be that the free will obtained through the sacrifice of Dolores is just another illusion? It would be very nuance Westworld if it were.

Charlotte Hale’s machinations, the real villain for next season?


Dolores had a plan that changed as she became aware of its implications. And one of the victims of that intellectual and moral evolution … was herself. The fake Charlotte Hale turned out to be cannon fodder to take on Serac. At the same time as a failed experiment by Dolores to multiply her identity.

Instead of getting a copy of him that was completely loyal to her, Dolores created a creature with her own identity that matured in different directions. In the end she became her most direct enemy. In fact, the fake Charlotte Hale made it clear on more than one occasion that her purpose was more refined, efficient, and ultimately lethal than that of the tragic heroine from whom her conscience came. And also, that the experience — especially the death of Hale’s family, whom he loved — changed her substantially. The end of the season leaves us with Hale in full use of his faculties and abilities, in command of what appears to be an elaborate plan of conquest.

Chances are yes: Dolores / Hale is definitely a prodigious enemy for the fourth season. Not only does he have the extraordinary abilities of his species, but he also has the limitless resources of Delos at his disposal. And perhaps you have one of Roboam’s files, which despite being destroyed may have a support database, now within Hale’s reach.

As if that wasn’t enough, during this season the character also seized the data from the hosts and perhaps, from Westworld guests. In a world in turmoil, Hale is the focal point of a new type of control. Which includes your new man in Black and a robotic army at your disposal.

Bernard and the Sublime are related to what they will do to face the inevitable Apocalypse


In another of Westworld’s usual surprising twists, Bernard turned out to have the Delos data key. Which allowed him access to The Sublime and, by the end of the chapter, we left him disconnected and apparently absorbed by this Intangible paradise created by Robert Ford for his creations.

However, in the show’s post-credit scenes, the park’s most valuable host wakes up after what seems like months? years?. The thick layer of dust that covers it makes it clear that the program reflects on time again, with what appears to be a timeline that leads to the future. Could it be the key to face whatever is going to happen in a possible confrontation between the human race and robotics?

Most certainly, yes: Bernard is the continued awareness of the Westworld envisioned by Robert Ford, with all its strays and the ruthless awareness of its artificial nature. Halfway between the sublimation of man’s mind and his worst vices. Throughout the season, Bernard proved to be more humane and compassionate than the inhabitants of a cold future and in the service of greed.

Chances are, the knowledge gained from your brief visit to The Sublime has given you information on how to stop Charlotte Hale. How to face the remains of Delos or even take control of the rest of the hosts around you. Also in a more disturbing perspective: Could Bernard — or his mind, if anything — be a space in which the sublimated hosts could dwell at the end of the second season?

William and the Man in Black: When Does Everything We See Really Happen?


Again, the post-credit scenes involving William seem to tick the beat and, above all, show that the character is at the center of how we could understand the “before” and the “after” in the plot. It’s about a complex trick scriptwriters seem to create for a possible ending: That both the final scene of the second season and the current season come together to understand the course of the actions in the series.

To recap: In the second season of Westworld, one of the post-credit scenes shows William amidst the park’s destroyed facilities, unaware of his nature. Not knowing how long he was there or, even, if what surrounds him is an illusion.

Something that links the entire cruel process of depersonalization that the character underwent in the most recent episodes. However, in the brief closing scenes of the third, we see William die at the hands of an artificial version of him. Meanwhile, the fake Charlotte Hale watches him with some care and without much emotion. Does all this happen before or after what we had seen before?

Most likely, it is a timeline in the recent past: William’s character seems to go through several different chronological stages, so there are possibilities that what we saw in the season finale does not correspond to what was shown in the previous one, is very high. How is that idea interpreted? Is there more than one William? Has Hale created several versions for your convenience, including one that ignores its nature and ends up locked in the park? We will have to wait the fourth season to find out.

Westworld: A New Army Who does Hale duplicate?


The last scene from Westworld shows a large room filled with host building units. Hale is ready to face the new chaotic world and surely dominate it. Create your new army of fighters?

If we take into account that Charlotte admitted that her identity fell from that of Dolores after the tragic death of the Hale family, it is most likely that this new creature is more interested in bringing back a good part of the inhabitants of Westworld in The Sublime. What would explain Bernard’s sudden awakening in the future? and the fact of the mass production of new bodies.

Chances are that Hale — who, in her words, knows everything the ancient Dolores knew — has a copy of the Delos database, which would allow her to reintegrate identities into The Sublime in a new rebirth of her species. In other words, season four will most likely be a reunion with all the beloved characters from the first. Converted into an army against the unsuspecting human world? Everything is possible.


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