At the present time we live, where teleworking has become an option increasingly embraced by companies of all kinds, be it a small startup or a multinational, being able to coordinate a team remotely and work seamlessly on a common project Among all the members, it is something of vital importance.

Before starting and, fundamentally during the course of the project, it is necessary to distribute the tasks and objectives that each member must fulfill, and know at all times what to do, how to do it and when to do it. But not only that, but it must also be done in a collaborative way, editing projects in real time and in which everyone can see the status and progress.

A couple of years ago, at Hipertextual we talked about Taskade, a workspace application with a large number of users around the world and which has garnered criticism very positive for its ease of use when organizing. Now we have returned to them to get a closer look at their updates.

Perhaps the differentiating aspect of Taskade, compared to other similar ones, is that goes beyond the organization of tasks, places productivity as a starting point and can work collaboratively in an easier way.

In addition to the utility it offers, the other two keys to Taskade are the care it puts into design and minimalism, where less is more and only reflects what is necessary so that the organization is as simple as possible.

Among its main advantages, Taskade offers something different and it is that you do not need to register to start using it. This is something that many people will appreciate because it helps that, in case we only want to test if it fits us and check if it works for our work, we can access their tools in a simpler way.

Secondly, being a tool designed for collaborative work, syncs in real time so if a team member makes a change to the project, the rest can see it. And thirdly, being a complete platform, we will be able to find everything we need to organize our work, with all the applications included in the same ecosystem.

Getting started in Taskade

Among the options that we can see in Taskade is the creation of a task list, which can also be assigned to each team member; use a notebook for example while we are in a video conference; or the creation of mind mappings where we can represent all the ideas we have about the project in a graphic and structured way, promoting understanding for the rest of the team, especially remotely.

Interaction with Taskade options is easy. Once we access, the first thing we see is a control panel with various organization options and templates, in order to choose the one that best suits what we need at all times.

Taskade is under complete renovation. As the ways of working change, it is necessary update tools that help the organization, management and teamwork.

In recent months, Taskade has included new apps for Android and iOS and improvements in services such as video conferencing and extensions in Chrome and Firefox.

Among the latest news that Taskade has included in recent months we have an improved videoconference service, very important in times of teleworking like now. From the web, mobile or desktop application, we can start a video call with our team anywhere. You will only have to share the link with the rest of the people and join instantly.

For all mobile users, who have the entire organization of projects and tasks on their mobile device, permission management among members has also been improved. further has undergone a redesign both of the application, with new icons that help make it easier to see the news and progress of the project.

Another recent addition is the Web Clipper extension for Firefox and Chrome. Thus, when we are using these browsers, we can capture what we are seeing and turn it into a task or note, further simplifying the Copy and Paste method.

Finally, its freemium model allows us to choose between a free option, limited in use but maybe enough to start in the management and organization of our work, and a Pro version of only $ 7 a month with which to do practically everything.

For all who are interested in trying Taskade, you have to know that it is available in Web, Mobile (iOS, Android), Chrome browser, and desktop version for Mac and PC, and that you can take a test without obligation.


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