There are several generations that grew up with the adventures of Crash Bandicoot (or as they say in Spain, from “Carlos, the touring mole”), the character created in 1996 by Naughty dog, whether it was on top of his car or walking and breaking boxes to gather peaches, he was fighting against the evil generated by villains like Neo Cortex, who along with his evil friends sought to control the entire world.

And although time has passed, the franchise of Crash Bandicoot has managed to reach new generations thanks to the re-editions that the games have had for more current consoles. However, it seems that many of us will be able to continue enjoying the adventures of Crash and Coco Bandicoot, although now through our mobile phones. It is real!

Indeed, the most famous marsupial in video games is already reaching various cell phones with Android operating system and through the game. Crash Bandicoot Mobile, which has started to appear on the Play Store of several lucky ones, who have had the opportunity to see what this new game developed by King, the company known for having brought us other phenomena such as Candy Crush.

Photo: Andronews

In social networks images of the Crash Bandicoot game for mobile phones are already circulating, and although there are not many details about this version, apparently it will have the same theme of the game “Subway Surfers”, where Crash and the other characters in the franchise will go long distances while breaking boxes and picking peaches. All this without being affected by dynamite boxes or any other obstacle that comes their way.

As you may have noticed when entering the Play Store when reading half of this note, the game in question apparently has not yet reached Mexico. However, more and more people have come across Crash Bandicoot in the app store, so We wouldn’t be surprised if we could play Crash Bandicoot Mobile in a couple more weeks. Do you think all the characters appear? We already want to try it!

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