Microsoft continues to close deadlines for the release of the new major version of its client operating system. And yesterday it gave the last ones before the arrival of the commercial version: the RTM publication Windows 10 May 2020 Update for MSDN subscribers and also the version SDK, both aimed primarily at developers working in the Windows ecosystem.

If the deadlines are met, and it is not certain because Microsoft has already delayed launch to correct a “Zero-Day” exploit discovered in the tests of the latest build, the final version should be available the last week of May. Like previous system updates, the version will be free for computers with a valid Windows 10 license.

Microsoft has been without new features since December, dedicated to polishing the version, solving errors and installing security patches. The COVID pandemic and the confinement has complicated the operation of the work teams and hence the delays. In any case, the deployment of the version will be more gradual than ever in order to limit the errors that have weighed down on previous updates.

Microsoft is not in a hurry and will not force you to update the equipment as in previous years. Windows 10 May 2020 Update will be available in Windows Update in a specific section with the installation option. The user can ignore it and the equipment will not update automatically until the used version is reaching the end of the support time.

As usual, the version will be able to update existing versions, keeping applications, files and user data. The corresponding .ISO images will also be published to be able to perform installations from scratch or updates on third-party equipment.

The RTM for Windows 10 May 2020 Update is basically the same one released weeks before the Insider test channel, with the addition of the latest security updates for April. Microsoft has updated the build to version number build 19041.264 and is expected to be final if no serious bugs are found that will delay the release again.

We await the final version for the May 28, but if you want to try it now and you are not a subscriber to MSDN, you have it available on the Insider channel and it can be installed in several ways, from passing a regular version to Insider; installations from scratch or in virtual machines. If you are interested you can review this guide: «Windows 10 May 2020 Update: all the news and installation of the new Windows«.


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