Over the weekend, the world was in awe again as we witnessed the historic launch of the Crew Dragon mission that brought two NASA astronauts to the International Space Station and perhaps, in recent years we are so used to new gadgets and launches that we have probably not stopped to reflect on how the same technology that some of the astronauts use on the International Space Station, is the same technology that is at our fingertips to work, to create, to play and on everything to take from one side to another, as is the case of the new iPad Pro.

The LiDAR sensor built into the new iPad Pro is basically the same technology that NASA has used in its Mars Rover for various purposes. But what the hell is LiDAR? It is a ToF (Time-of-Flight) sensor, which allows calculating the distance between the LiDAR device and the objects it detects around it (autonomous cars have this same technology to detect obstacles on their way and be able to drive in total security) opening up endless possibilities for the development of augmented reality, something that we have seen in recent years, but that with the iPad Pro seems to take a new level not only for developers, but also for users and of course For gamers who can already enjoy the benefits of the LiDAR sensor in various games.


Of course, just to play, the iPad Pro would be an extremely expensive console, which is why we must talk about the inclusion (for the first time) of the cameras that accompany it, a 12-megapixel wide-angle sensor and a 10-megapixel ultra-wide-angle sensor that allows to open the field of vision, also complementing the tasks of the LiDAR sensor, and driven by the processor A12Z Bionic It is 2.6 times more powerful than the previous iPad processor and even more powerful than many laptops on the market, but what makes this chip so special? The A12Z Bionic it has 8 process cores and others 8 GPU cores to perform graphic tasks. The result of this combo is a beastly power: everything works with extreme fluidity, from basic office tasks to creative ones such as photo editing, design creation and of course the simple reproduction and editing of audio or video.

It is here, when one begins to size the performance and benefits of the new iPad Pro, because in addition to giving us everything we already know as its long-lasting battery, its storage capacity (which now reaches up to 1TB) and of course the screen with technology Liquid Retina, which offers a spectacular shine and definition; we will add the Magic Keyboard which is actually what makes this iPad Pro the perfect substitute for almost any laptop. And I say almost, because if you perform specific tasks such as professional audio or video editing, or application development or video games, it is drawer that you need the power of a professional team.

The iPad Pro’s LiDAR sensor provides better augmented reality app and video game development. / Photo: Apple

However, for 90% of the tasks we do on laptops like texts, spreadsheets, design, photo editing, browsing, multimedia playback, video games, etc., the new iPad Pro is all you need and even a little more if we remember the cameras that it has, capable of recording 4K video and taking wide-angle photos with the wide-angle lens.

Perhaps the biggest downfall of the new iPad is that it does not come with the Magic Keyboard included and that is that if you are thinking of buying an iPad or have a 2018 iPad Pro then you have to get this keyboard yes or yes! The Magic Keyboard is the perfect complement, serving as a protective case and at the same time as a keyboard with backlit keys and a trackpad with a touch surface with which you can navigate the screen. (Tip: All iPad Pro have this option that is activated on iPad OS13.4 to place an external trackpad, but nothing like the Magic Keyboard)

The advantages of this new function are more than evident, from avoiding that the screen is full of finger marks due to dragging the cursor, to being able to make an accurate text selection. The same in spreadsheets where you can select multiple cells or perform various operations with just a click of the cursor. Those who have attempted to maneuver a touch screen spreadsheet know how difficult this is, so this appears to be our salvation.

But the Magic Keyboard is not only to satisfy the Godinez that we all have inside, it also facilitates the retouching of images, or moving the camera in video games to any angle from the trackpad, which by the way, can also serve to unlock the screen once Face ID does its thing.

Broadcasting the radio program Sopitas x Aire Libre from iPad Pro / Photo: Sopitas

“Your next computer is not a computer” may seem a somewhat arrogant phrase to announce the arrival of a new tablet, because let’s face it, until today no device has been able to offer us the benefits and guarantees of a laptop. However, the new iPad Pro, with the correct peripherals like the Magic Keyboard, has EVERYTHING to become your new device for work, entertainment and recreation; in my case allowing me to transmit Sopitas X Aire Libre from home during this prolonged quarantine.


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