Everyone, at least in Spain, knows The Today World and have been gorged with his delusional made-up news on many occasions, they pivot between anthologies of madness like that of that old woman who invoked the devil in an English course and the most lucid political mockery and criticism. Well, actually, not all of them; sometimes there is some absent-minded poor person who takes seriously the occurrences of this phenomenal satirical newspaper and makes a hideous ridicule and our laughter even louder. And this has reached the point that the Newtral verifier published in December 2019 a “Guide not to confuse a satirical publication with a real news and spread a hoax.”

The delusional fabricated news of El Mundo Today pivots between anthologies of madness and the most lucid political mockery and criticism

Xavi Puig and Kike García they created El Mundo Today in January 2009, and it is their humorous wit that makes it exceptional, but the concept is not new. On paper we already had its spirit in publications such as the Barcelona La Campana de Gracia (1870-1934), the British Private Eye (1961-2017), the American Weekly World News (1979-2007), his compatriot The Onion (1988-2013 ) or the Spanish News of the World (1994-1995, 2013). AND there are dozens of similar web pages, not a few more veterans than that of Puig and García. Among them, ignoring regionalisms, we can include those of Private Eye, Weekly World News and The Onion, which continue on the network.

Or the Japanese Kyoko Shimbun (2004), the Dutch De Speld (2007), the German Der Postillon, the Egyptian El Koshary Today, the Indian Faking News (2008). From the same year or later, El Mundo Today is the Brazilian Sensationalist, the Irish Waterford Whispers News, the Hungarian HírCsárda (2009), the Serbian Njuz, the Turkish Zaytung, the Dubaiti The Pan-Arabia Enquirer (2010), the Indian The UnReal Times (2011), the Russian Fognews, the French Le Gorafi, the Italian Lercio (2012), the New Zealand The Civilian, the Jordanian Al-Hudood, the Hungarian Központi Újság (2013), the Pakistani Khabaristan Times, the Belgian Nordpresse or the eritrea Awaze Tribune (2016).

United States, Australia, Canada and United Kingdom stand out in their amount of decent contributions to satirical news websites

United States, Australia, Canada and United Kingdom they excel in quantity of contributions. The first also includes Islamica News, SatireWire (1999), the technological Bbspot (2000), The Borowitz Report (2001) —in The New Yorker since 2012—, ScrappleFace (2002), Christwire, about Christians; The DailyER (2008), Free Wood Post (2011), the military Duffel Blog (2012), National Report, Reductress (2013), parody of women’s magazines; ClickHole, which laughs at the clickbait; the musical The Hard Times, Huzlers (2014) or The Babylon Bee (2016). The second released The Chaser (1999), The Shovel (2012), The Betoota Advocate or The (Un) Australian (2014).

The third offers The Beaverton (2010), The True North Times (2014), The Burrard Street Journal (2015) or The Daily Bonnet (2016), about Mennonite Christians. And the fourth also has The Framley Examiner (2001), about the British rural world; The Poke (2002), NewsBiscuit (2006), The Daily Mash, The Daily Squib, The Oxymoron (2007), NewsThump (2009), Southend News Network (2015) or The Rochdale Herald (2016). On the other hand, Latin America It houses the Mexican El Deforma (2011), the Ecuadorian El Mercio, the Uruguayan Librumface (2012), the Colombian Actualidad Panamericana, the also Mexican El Dizque (2014) or the Argentine Noticias Sic (2018).

The best satirical journalism website in Spanish after El Mundo Today or perhaps at its same height is the Venezuelan El Chigüire Bipolar, followed by another Spanish one, the controversial HayNoticia.es

But the best satirical journalism website in Spanish after El Mundo Today or perhaps at the same height is the Venezuelan El Chigüire Bipolar (2008), with publications such as “Venezuelan emigrant pretends heart attack so as not to have to give explanations of the country’s situation”, “Rock used by seagulls to do pupú in the middle of the Pacific Ocean demands a visa from Venezuelans”, “Asfaltan hollow” or “Diosdado [Cabello] threatens Galileo for denying that the Earth revolves around [Hugo] Chávez ”. The one that follows another Spanish, the controversial HayNoticia.es (2016), with nonsense such as “Two Galician altar boys arrested for putting marijuana in the botafumeiro” of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela or “They mistakenly assaulted a van from Matutano thinking it was a Prosegur van”.

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