Many have closed their accounts, others have continued to contact potential couples during these days of quarantine. Tinder does not let his guard down nor in a pandemic. Now, the quintessential dating application has announced that it will add the option that everyone expected: video calls on Tinder.

A little calm, there is still a step for that. The announcement was made in a letter to the shareholders of Match Group – Tinder’s parent company – in which there was a series of updates within the application.

The option within Tinder will be included at the end of the year, although from the platform they confirm that already working on it. “As strong video readiness to date was demonstrated, our engineering and product teams around the world quickly mobilized to implement one-to-one video chat capabilities on many of our platforms,” ​​they explain in the letter to shareholders.

In fact, the arrival of the coronavirus and the obligation to stay home has produced an explosion effect in the video calling sector. The growth of Zoom, Meet – Google version for video conferencing – WhatsApp opening the number of members and, of course, Skype, live their golden days. In fact, there are not a few cases that were born on Tinder and have migrated to other platforms that do offer this option. The idea of ​​the dating app is to keep users in their universe as long as possible, although perhaps for this option, and within the coronavirus pandemic, Tinder is arriving somewhat late.

Video calls on Tinder, a matter of security

This Not the first dating platform foray into the world of video calling. The first of them was already Bumble, where it is women who decide whether to activate the video or not. It is one of the security measures to avoid harassment inside the platform. In this sense, Tinder is still unclear how he will control harassment and privacy situations within the application.

Over the past few months, Tinder has already added more security options for users. The last one opens the possibility to notify three contacts if an appointment is not going as expected and the situation is becoming complicated. Tinder has also implemented systems to detect bullying situations within its chats.

Video calls on Tinder still do not have all the details outlined, but what is clear is that it is a way to avoid distributing phone numbers to strangers.

Some enviable data

The coronavirus pandemic has brought many things ahead, but Tinder has not been one of them. In fact, in the same letter to shareholders, the company provides data on the results of recent months. They keep breaking their own records.

Historical highs have been reached, they detail in their letter. Especially in the age group of people under 30 who have increased their online contacts almost 37% daily during the month of April. Who makes more contacts? In this case, the figures grow in the women’s sector.

There is also bad news for Tinder: paid users fall for a logical response to the situation. There is no hurry to make contacts since, during the month of April, it was not clear when you could meet people again.

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