When starting a project between several people, it is easy to see how, after starting to write it and share it with more people, either with the client or with a colleague, the changes are made in a local file and then it is returned to share. The result is a mess of files with the same name and only distinguished by a number or a word at the end of the name. A real mess if it undergoes multiple modifications by several different people and that, surely, makes us make mistakes or doubt what the final version is.

This is why more and more people use online document editors, where changes are recorded in real time and the rest of the people can access the final document just by clicking on a link. At Hipertextual we constantly work with online editors and, on this occasion, we have tried the one offered by ONLYOFFICE, the office suite most used to work collaboratively online.

In a situation like the current one, in which the majority of companies have opted for teleworking, it is necessary for each person to feel that they can have their office anywhere. To be able to create, edit and collaborate on any document office automation from home, a cafeteria or even from our mobile phone during a transfer by public transport.

Before trying ONLYOFFICE, we made sure they included some of the functions that all of us who work with online documents need. The first is the option to see the changes that have been made. There is no use accessing a modified document, even if it is the final version, if I do not know what has been changed. With ONLYOFFICE we can track all changes, know who has done them and even compare versions.

Another of the main requirements is the ease of its installation and use, available both by download and use in the cloud. Although ONLYOFFICE is available for all types of operating systems and mobile devices, Android and iOS, there is also a one hundred percent online desktop version, to be used from our browser and backed up in the cloud.

The third requirement is its compatibility. For many years, Microsoft’s Office suite has been the most widely used worldwide. The main reason was the lack of alternatives. However, as office automation and technology have evolved, other options have emerged such as ONLYOFFICE that offers the same editing options as Office, it is one hundred percent compatible and it also has a much lower price. In this way, we can receive a Word file, open it, edit it and export it even if we need it in a compatible format. In addition to the compatibility with MS Word (DOC and DOCX), we can also edit ODT and TXT files and view PDF and HTML files without being able to edit them.

The fourth option that ONLYOFFICE offers to promote and help remote work by several people, is the perfect integration in more than 15 business platforms such as Nextcloud, ownCloud, Alfresco, Confluence, Liferay, Plone, HumHub or SharePoint). The main advantage of this is that it will not be necessary to have to open our document independently to edit and we can do it natively on the same business platform. This goes a long way in making it easier for workers to manage, by getting familiar with their new editing tool from an application they’ve been using for longer.

Last but not least, the last key aspect, mainly for companies but also for individuals, is security. Documents that we create using ONLYOFFICE, including temporary ones, will have end-to-end encryption. In this way, we will not have to worry about a possible hacking of documents or misappropriation.

Although in Hypertextual we have used the document editing application, ONLYOFFICE also offers the possibility of work with other files like spreadsheets or presentations. Always enjoying the same advantages and functionalities.

If you are thinking of trying ONLYOFFICE and going one step further in editing files, you can access their free trial for up to 180 days. Enough time to take advantage of all the advantages it has.


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