The aggressive strategy that Epic Games Store maintains is proving very beneficial for users. Only in the last few weeks they have given away great games like GTA V, Civilization VI or Borderlands but the latest news goes one step further: Total War: Troy, the new installment of the legendary strategy saga will be available for free on its launch day.

A Total War Saga: Troy, the new installment in the Creative Assembly series, will be exclusive to the Epic Store for one year. To celebrate the premiere (and, incidentally, to hit Steam and its connection to the saga) the game will be able to free download from 13 to 14 August, the first 24 hours after launch.

The title is set in Homer’s Iliad and players will be able to control armies led by classic heroes like Achilles or Hector. With the style that characterizes the series, the challenges will be focused on besieging or protecting the city of Troy.

The British study acknowledges that Epic’s offer was interesting because it will allow them to expand the saga to new players. The financial support of the Asian giant will allow them to obtain thousands of downloads during the first hours, in exchange for accepting a 12-month exclusivity. For SEGA, it is “an opportunity to invest more in the future development of Total War and give the franchise a boost.”

With the aim of calming the community – closely linked to Steam – they have assured that they do not plan to do something similar with future games and that “they do not want to be tied to a single platform”. An important point is that the reservation period on Steam had not started, which could have caused even more protests and unrest. Beyond the business battle, we are left with that players will be able to have a free novelty on August 13.

Official announcement | Total War


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