The most expensive laptops in history, either because they were ahead of their time, or because the manufacturers themselves deliberately set out to build equipment that only a few could afford. It is what we propose today. A tour that starts in the Macintosh Portable that Apple presents in 1989 with a starting price of 6,500 euros and that currently ends with a Luvaglio that you will not be able to buy unless you are willing to invest a million euros.

Macintosh Portable (1989) – $ 6,500

The first laptops began to reach the domestic market in the mid-1980s. Of course, their design, performance and autonomy have little to do with what a modern laptop can offer us today, but when in 1989 Apple launched its Macintosh Portable, occupies almost all the covers.

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The equipment included a 16 MHz processor signed by Motorola, 1 MB of RAM that could be expanded to 9 MB and 40 MB of internal storage. Its monochrome screen had a resolution of 640 x 400 and the computer included a lead-acid battery that weighed more than a kilo.

Voodoo Envy 171 – $ 7,477

The Canadian company Voodoo PC was born in 1991 as a firm ready to find its place in the most premium niche. Acquired in 2006 by Hewlett-Packard, the American has continued to maintain its heritage in two of its best-known lines of equipment: Omen on desktop and Envy on notebooks.

Its best-known and presented equipment shortly after being acquired by the American was the Voodoo Envy 171. It had a 17 ″ screen and integrated a dedicated NVIDIA 7950 graphics. The commitment to Intel materialized with a Core 2 Extreme CPU, 4 GB of RAM and a storage capacity of 600 GB that was spread over three different disks. Users could customize the exterior design of the chassis and choose between different colors.

Apple Lisa (1983) – $ 9,995

Lisa is one of Apple’s most iconic products and one of its biggest failures. Borrowing the name of Steve Jobs’ daughter, this “laptop” was the first PC in history to target the “consumer market” that included a mouse, graphical interface, and a simple to use operating system.

The team offered a 12-inch monochrome screen, 1 MB of RAM, a 5 MHz CPU developed by Motorola, support for floppy disks and the possibility of having a 5 MB external hard drive. That it cost almost $ 10,000 penalized its entry into most homes, but many of its ideas were used in the development of the mythical Macintosh in 1984.

Cromemco System Three (1979) – $ 12,495

One of the most innovative firms during the 70s and 80s was the now defunct Cromemco. Founded by two Stanford professors, the company made a name for itself in the development of graphics cards and all kinds of peripherals, including the first joysticks.

They also entered the world of «laptops», one of their most outstanding models being a System Three that sold together with a printer connected to its chassis. Its configuration was more intended for use by large companies and had the capacity to run the Z80 Basic and Fortran IV systems. It had a 5MB external hard drive and 512KB of RAM.

IBM Portable Computer (1975) – $ 19,975

Looking at the image above few people could imagine that this IBM Portable Computer is considered one of the first notebooks in history. And yet this more than portable, IBM mini PC, was in the mid-1970s among the most demanded by the scientific community, precisely because of its “portability” between laboratories.

The team included its own magnetic tape drive and a 5-inch CRT screen capable of printing 16 lines of text simultaneously. As storage it used a memory cartridge with a capacity of 204 KB and a PALM circuit for processing tasks.

Ego for Bentley Notebook (2008) – $ 20,000

Associating your brand name with Bentley’s comes at a price. If the brand of luxury products Ego also decides to develop a laptop, the final result will reach up to 20,000 euros, which is within normal limits.

The team that the firm presented in 2008 was not exactly a marvel at a technical level, but in exchange, the chassis was made up of a combination of top quality leather and diamonds, each of the pieces being assembled manually and allowing the Buyers choose the most appropriate color.

24k Gold MacBook Pro – $ 30,000

Not too many years ago companies like Computer Choppers concluded that if they covered some of the most exclusive technology products in gold or diamonds, they would find a more than profitable niche.

A good example is this 24K Gold MacBook Pro which basically is what it represents: a MacBook Pro covered in a layer of 24 carat gold. If you have 30,000 euros left over, you can give it a try.

Otazu Ego Diamond – $ 350,000

If leather or gold is too little for you, you can always switch to diamonds. The most expensive laptop Ego sells is designed as a handbag and includes 470 premium diamonds.

The Luvaglio One Million Dollar Laptop (2007) – $ 1 million

When Luvaglio set out to create the world’s most flamboyant laptop, it occurred to them that already on, why not sell it for a million dollars?

At first glance it looks like an expensive briefcase, but inside there is a medium laptop that technically only stands out for offering a Blu-ray player. How is the price increased? As only these brands know how to do: diamond here, diamond there, until there is no room for more diamonds.


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