Naughty Dog and Sony have published a new video dedicated to The Last of Us Part II in which they show us one of the most important aspects of the title: gameplay. A priori it may seem that no major changes have been made compared to the original, but the reality is completely different.

The first thing to keep in mind is that The Last of Us Part II focuses on Ellie, and that it does not have the corpulence or the strength of Joel, which has forced Naughty Dog to completely redesign an important part of the gameplay and to introduce new mechanics, among which are the dodging mechanisms, the possibility of lying on the ground and the use of hiding places to flee from enemies.

If you look at the video you will see that lying on the grass is essential to overcome certain ambushes, and that we can use high positions to our advantage. The development of the game is more vertical than the first installment, and also presents a greater drama so that, according to Naughty Dog, we feel the reality and the harshness of the post apocalyptic world in which the story of The Last of Us Part II unfolds.

The Last of Us Part II: exploration, crafting, and smarter enemies

The new mechanics allow us to enjoy a different gaming experience and having more resources at our fingertips, but in return the enemies are also smarter. Do you think you can stay hidden forever under a car? Of that nothing, the enemies will be able to look under them and pull you out with a jerk.

In general, both the intensity of the fighting and the possibility of facing complicated situations in different ways seem to me a success. The manufacture of improvements and objects could not miss, in fact, it is essential to justify the detailed exploration of the scenarios, since only in this way can we find useful resources. Crafting items is a way to reward player exploration, as Naughty Dog says.

The player’s decisions they will have an important weight, and the different cinematic scenes and scheduled events will have different degrees of intensity. At times the rawness of these will be very marked because, as we have anticipated, Naughty Dog wants us to feel the reality of that post-apocalyptic world, and to put ourselves in Ellie’s shoes.

I remind you that the launch of The Last of Us Part II will take place on June 19. It will be available for PS4, where it will work on 1080p and 30 FPS, and for PS4 Pro, where will 4K resolution (we don’t know if native or rescaled) and 30 FPS.

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