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When you finish The Last of Us Part II and you see the list of names in the credits pass in front of you, within all the emotions you feel, there is a voice yelling at you that you have just experienced something beyond just a video game. Bluntly: The Last of Us Part II is the best game Naughty Dog has ever made and quite possibly the best game on the PlayStation 4 thus far. This is the review of PUSH THE BUTTON.

I started TLOU2 immediately after finishing the first installment and it is definitely something I recommend if you have a couple of years without giving it a re-visit, because although within the history several years pass between the first and second part, you need to have fresh memory to squeeze all the juice out of Part II.

Like the first part, TLOU2 uses the parallelism resource to tell its story and advance the plot, so get fresh out of TLOU1 It helps to get those extra drops of juice, but they help you understand Ellie and the new characters by the way, they are wonderful in every way.

At the gameplay level, in principle it does not seem to change too much, as it is practically the same as TLOU1 with some slight differences, however, the agility, speed, dexterity and jumping ability of Ellie They add the component that could be missing for those who disliked Joel’s slow, tricky and even awkward way of doing everything.

The skill of Ellie makes The Last of Us Part II feel closer to an action game, which balances perfectly with the setting, the music and the artificial intelligence of the enemies that is relentless this time and that lands you again to a terrifying reality where however skilled you are, any enemy can destroy you.

If there is something to reproach him at the Gameplay level, it is that the “normal” difficulty can feel very easy in some aspects. For example, I never ran out of ammunition, materials, or other resources. With the slightest bit of exploration you find even enough of what you need.

Exploration? That brings me to the next negative point of the game and that is that we were always told that there would be more scope to explore and immerse ourselves in this apocalyptic and infected world, but that is not the case. What little there is to explore is cut by the same game because the Naughty Dog fort has always been a great narrative and if you get too distracted exploring an abandoned building, you can lose track; The Last of Us Part II it always pushes you to follow the story, sometimes a little by force as one of our colleagues indicated in his review.

If they have played any Naughty dog In the last decade, they surely know that they always take the console’s capacities in turn to the maximum possible, This is not only very noticeable in TLOU2 but they take it to such a level that the world where Ellie tries to survive is one more character.

The sound design, the aesthetics of abandoned buildings, the rain, the fire, the small details such as animal and plant life … Everything has been taken care of to the extreme. The first part, while a game that can be terrifying, is never a constant; in TLOU2 a little rain is enough to make you nervous, especially when clickers are lurking in the distance, the infected increased their ability to terrify even the bravest 100%.

The Last of Us Part I is a game that transcended in its first part for its history, the second part will be the same and here there is not the slightest inconvenience. Everything flows beautifully, the world is rich in the context of what happened before you went through where you are going. We will not say more because we are not going to enter spoiler ground.

However, we will say that it is the strongest, most emotional, most narrative (sorry Dross, for the use of the word) disturbing and it is such a human story that it will make you feel bad for saying “is that… what else What could you do in those circumstances? ” to try to justify the actions of Ellie who manages to move you with her motivations to the point that you will see yourself understanding why she stabs a knife in the throat of a lady who was playing PS Vita.

This title will take you to explore the lowest of the human being, the emotions that could lead anyone to do the most unthinkable in order to try to straighten things as impossible as possible. The Last of Us Part II is more than a video game, it is quite an experience.

Joel said it in the first game “I do what I do to survive” and that is true for all humans who are still alive in the world of The Last of Us; a world that has reached the point where paramilitary factions are fighting rival sects surrounded by the infected and in the midst of everything: Ellie developing her revenge story.

The Last of Us Part II is a masterpiece, a game that we will talk about for years and a title that will appear in the counts of “Top 10 best games in history” that will appear in a few years. OF COURSE you will receive an unprecedented amount of hate, but we are in 2020; that happens all the time.

However, there is something pending that concerns us. It is well known of Naughty Dog’s abusive work practices; practices bordering on slavery. A problem so big that the first thing we ALL thought about when the leaks occurred a few weeks ago, was that an angry employee had done it as revenge.

Is it worth having a game like The Last of Us Part II despite the crunch? What needs to be done so that artists can reach this level of excellence without seeing their labor rights and health run over?

If you want to know everything that happened during the production of this game that leads us to ask ourselves all this, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Spotify and Discord Well, at PUSH THE BUTTON all week we will be talking about The Last of Us Part II.

Text from Pablo Corzo for PUSH THE BUTTON


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