A new Super Hero joins the fight against COVID-19. Is about ‘Ugo’, the robot developed by the Japanese startup ‘Look at Robotics’, with the aim of strengthening the Japanese workforce, but as the coronavirus persists, its functions have been redirected towards annihilation of the coronavirus with ultraviolet light on surfaces ranging from door handles to toilets.

Actually, the android is not a recent model. Before the pandemic, ‘Ugo’ used to support the Japanese workforce, and even operated as a domestic assistant, but in the event of the pandemic, the CEO of the firm, Ken Matsuihe thought of take advantage of your employee’s outstanding immunityor star to combat the spread of the virus.

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The coronavirus has created a need for robots because they can reduce direct contact between people. [Con ‘Ugo’], we have been able to give consultations abroad, even from Singapore and France ”, Matsui pointed out, picks up the ‘New York Post. The robot that moves by means of tires, adjustable arms and bidirectional For remote control tasks, carry a handheld accessory that shoots UV light that instantly removes COVID-19 from any surface.


Also, ‘Ugo’, whose correct pronunciation is ‘You-Go’, it works through a wireless connection through a laptop; a base-mounted range measurement laser that doubles as your gps, while an eye-adorned panel on top simulates the head for a much friendlier appearance. According to the founder of the startupIt would take around 30 minutes for anyone to learn how to use the robot and it could be one of the best investments ever made.


Well in exchange for thousand dollars a monthIn addition to his emerging service against the coronavirus, in his previous work, ‘Ugo’, he learned to deploy as a security guard, perform equipment inspections, wash, iron and fold clothes, and according to what he points out in his resume, the android of ‘Look at Robotics’ made his brilliant debut cleaning toilets at the Oita City Center for Industrial Science and Technology. The only bad thing is that the company only operates within the Asian region.


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