When Apple introduced the iPhone SE 2020 it fulfilled almost all the rumors that we had been seeing. This terminal is essentially an iPhone 8 with improvements at the hardware level that a priori may seem irrelevant to us, but the truth is that in the end they are quite important.

This new smartphone replaces the Apple A11 SoC of the iPhone 8 with an Apple A13 Bionic SoC, which means that the iPhone SE 2020 uses the same SoC as the iPhone 11. Its CPU has six cores, mounts a state-of-the-art neural processing unit, and features a high-performance Apple GPU.

The six CPU cores are divided into two blocks, one high-performance with dual 2.66GHz cores and 8MB L2 cache and another of low consumption with quad core 1.77 GHz and 4 MB L2 cache. Its GPU is an Apple design with four graphic cores.

Anandtech has published a very complete performance analysis where they compare the iPhone SE 2020 with other terminals that are placed on a higher level, such as the Galaxy S20 Ultra and the Pixel 4, and The results are very interesting.

The iPhone SE 2020 beats much more expensive smartphones

In terms of gross return, at least. The Galaxy S20 Ultra has a price in Spain of 1,359 euros, while the iPhone SE 2020 costs 489 euros. The price difference is huge, of that there is no doubt, but the second is more powerful than the first, as we have seen in the gallery that you will find just above these lines.

At the specification level, the Galaxy S20 Ultra of the comparison mounts a Snapdragon 865 SoC with an eight-core CPU, an Adreno 650 GPU and it has a total of 12 GB of RAM, while the iPhone SE 2020 barely reaches 3 GB of RAM. The differences are stark, but the optimization of iOS and the customization layer Apple adds to its A-series SoCs allow it to comfortably lead and proves, once again, that quality is almost always more important than quantity.

We should not make the mistake of thinking that performance is the only thing that matters when choosing a smarpthone. The Galaxy S20 Ultra is a first class smartphone that has a screen, design and camera configuration far superior to that of the iPhone SE 2020, That does not admit discussion either, but if we limit ourselves to the power, the Apple smartphone wins.


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