After it has been revealed that the iPhone 12 will be the last smartphone from the company to include a Lightning charging port, putting a component change delayed until at least 2021, it seems that Apple’s widespread jump to USB-C is closer than we thought.

And it is that according to the leaks published on the Japanese website Mac Otakara, citing an unidentified Chinese provider, it seems that iPad Air 4, scheduled for this year, will already include this standard change.

However, the first issues with this charging standard change would come with the Apple Pencil itself, as the first-generation stylus still makes use of the Lightning port. This could mean that either this new tablet would do without a full jump, depending on the Lightning to USB-C adapters; or Apple’s first big step towards a real change to the common standard, with the first adaptation of its accessories.

However, in the event that the new iPad Air 4 was based on the latest models of the iPad Pro, we would be talking about a second-generation Apple Pencil, so we would have a wireless charging system instead of a physical port.

And is that in view of its internal specifications, this new tablet could be based on the features borrowed from the 11-inch iPad Pro and 1st generation, thus following the same strategy of Apple with the arrival of the 3rd generation iPad Air and its iPad Pro from 10.5 inches.

An intermittent jump for your new devices

Unfortunately, according to the same leaks, this will be the only Apple device to switch to USB-C, since although the arrival of a new iPad Mini is also expected, the fifth generation of the 8.5-inch tablet would still maintain the Lightning connector.

Something that would also happen with the next iPad Pro, which despite the recent leak of its update to a mini-LED display and the jump to A14X processors and Snapdragon X55 modems Enabled for 5G networks, you would also choose to maintain Apple’s own charging standard.

Apple’s ultimate goal is not USB-C

And it is that one of the big problems that the change of the connection port presents both in the iPad Air 4 and for the rest of Apple products, is the immediate obsolescence of all its accessoriesas well as reliance on new components like adapters for both new and old devices. An even more problematic problem at Apple, whose commitment to this class of added products is not only greater in quantity, but also in prices.

However, just as with the Apple Pencil, rumors now point that the end goal of Apple terminals would be not only abandonment of the Lightning connector, but complete removal of all portsfocusing exclusively on wireless charging and connectivity options.


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