It does not seem that OnePlus has been able to solve the conflict around its ‘photochromic’ sensor that allows ‘see’ through some plastic and textile materials, like fine fabrics. After disabling it entirely in China, it now does the same in the international variant of the OnePlus 8 Pro.

As we read on the XDA-Developers portal, OnePlus has launched a software update in which the brand claims to have “temporarily removed the photochromic filter for adjustment”.

The international OnePlus 8 Pro, without ‘X-rays’

When OnePlus removed the filter in its Chinese version about ten days ago, OnePlus then stated that it was simply done in the corresponding version with HydrogenOS. It did not affect OxygenOS, the variant of the operating system that the brand implements globally. That just changed.

The brand states in the changelog of this update, numbered 10.5.9.IN11 and weighing about 160 MB, that this feature should return. It would also, according to current plans, soon. OnePlus states that “it is expected to return around June, although the exact time is subject to the final official announcement.”

At the moment and according to XDA, this update is reaching both international variant like the one distributed in India. However, it does not seem that an OTA update – Over The Air – has arrived which is distributed in the European market. Hipertextual has contacted OnePlus Spain to try to clarify this point.

It is not the only problem that flies over the OnePlus 8 Pro. If confirmed, in Europe it would join the device shortage facing the manufacturer. In other markets, such as the United States, this has already had the effect that some users have put their used OnePlus 8 Pro for sale for a price hundreds of dollars higher.

As a temporary solution until demand stabilizes with the supply of components and manufacturing of the devices, OnePlus again turns to a tool that they had not used for several years. They have not yet returned to the invitation system, but they have a flash sales system, which started last Thursday.


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