If everything goes according to plan, the Galaxy Note 20 will be presented at some point in the next augustthat is, in about three months. Samsung has not yet offered official information, but the leaks that have been occurring over the last two months have been so great that we have a fairly clear idea of ​​what to expect, and today, thanks to a new leak, we have been able to clarify some Doubts.

The first thing we must be clear about is that in principle there will be three versions of the Galaxy Note 20. Samsung will maintain the division into two versions that we saw in the current generation, which means that it will launch a Galaxy Note 20 and a Galaxy Note 20+. In terms of design, both will maintain the angular line of the Galaxy Note 10, which means that we’ll have those pointy edges again and that rectangular finish that differentiates this family from the Galaxy S series.

The camera configuration should be practically identical to what we have seen in the Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S20 Ultra, and its integration will be done in the same way, that is, it will be mounted on a rectangular island on the side of the back, at least in theory. On the front we will have, again, a camera integrated in a floating circular space. Samsung will not make the leap to the camera under the screen, nor will it resort to a retractable camera.

Regarding the finish there are no news, which means that the Galaxy Note 20 will come finished in metal and glass. This translates into a premium finish, although we cannot rule out that they also announce a superior version finished in ceramic, as they did with the Galaxy Note 10 5G.

Galaxy Note 20: up to 16GB of RAM and premium performance

In terms of hardware, one of the most important novelties of the new Galaxy Note 20 will be the maximum RAM increase, which goes from 12 GB to 16 GB. As we have advanced in the title, this amount of RAM memory is the same that we can find in a high-end laptop, and in fact it is the recommended level to enjoy triple A games with all the guarantees.

It is said that Samsung is also working on a new SoC that will be used in the Galaxy Note 20, the Exynos 992, a chip that will maintain the foundations of the Exynos 990 both at the CPU and GPU level, but that will come with a revision to improve efficiency, working temperatures and frequencies. In summary, this chip will not have the problems of the Exynos 990 and will offer greater performance.

Another interesting novelty we have in the fingerprint reader, since according to the source of this news the Galaxy Note 20 will come with a Qualcomm’s second generation ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. For the rest we do not expect changes in the configuration of the storage capacities, and there will be no important news on the screens of both models, which will have an (estimated) size of 6.42 inches and 6.87 inches.

We will have to wait to see what’s new Samsung introduces in the stylus holder In this new generation of smartphones, a well-known and highly valued accessory for users that marks, in fact, a clear difference between the Galaxy Note series and the Galaxy S series.


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