Despite being one of the largest manufacturers in the world, and the leading company in the development of photographic sensors, Samsung has never been especially a pioneer when it comes to implanting or following design trends in its front-facing cameras; something that we could already see after a long period until the reduction of the notch, or the arrival of the current model of perforated front cameras.

Reason why it does not cease to surprise us that, after having been tested and discarded in a large number of terminals, Samsung now opts for the next Galaxy A, one of its favorite models for the mid-range, to adopt a FullView design through incorporating a pop-up hidden camera.

And it is that although the resulting screen functionality is very good, this type of mechanisms turned out to be quite impractical, offering a limited service life to a limited number of uses (and more considering the wide trends in the use of selfies), in addition to the fact that its inclusion makes any type of water resistance classification impossible.

The rest of the design of the Galaxy A seems to remain more even with what has been seen so far, with a 6.5-inch screen and reduced bezels, and reduced and rounded edges for the rear, facilitating a more natural grip for the hand.

Thus, these rumors would also have confirmed the presence of a triple configuration for the main cameras, although without any data on the size and functions of the sensors. Finally, it highlights that although the new USB-C port standard for charging and connectivity is maintained, the company has chosen to eliminate the 3.5 mm jack input to connect the headphones, something that we have already seen is usually not to the liking of a large majority of users.

At the moment there is no official information from Samsung, although it is expected that the new Galaxy A will be presented in the coming months, within this 2020, and once the situations of commercial and personal blockade around the world begin to ease .

In the same way, although for the moment it has not been confirmed to which model this new terminal will correspond, due to its main characteristics and the recent presentation of the A51 and A71 models, everything points to the fact that we find the next Galaxy A31.


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