The space world is a few hours away from making history again. SpaceX, Elon Musk’s company, and NASA, prepare to launch Crew Dragon capsule to the International Space Station. If this doesn’t tell you much, you have to know that with this launch a new era begins in the race to conquer space.

Much has been said about the capsule and the Demo-2 mission that today marks the beginning of what could be commercial trips to space and a possible arrival on Mars – sooner rather than later. While the aforementioned is the most important thing, there is another thing that leaves us all breathless: the new space suits from NASA and SpaceX.

Photo by NASA

In how many movies like Interstellar have we not seen space suits with incredible futuristic designs? Well, the suits with which astronauts Douglas Hurley and Bob Behnken are going to go into space today are even better and a reality.

Now that we mention Interstellar, that spacesuits feature a design that really looks like something out of a science fiction movie is no accident. Responsible for the design of the suits is the designer Jose Fernandez. Not that this name has to tell you too much, but this man He is in charge of the costumes for movies like Captain America: Civil War, Wolverine, Wonder Woman and Batman Vs. Superman among other movies.

Photo by SpaceX

Now, beyond the visual aspect of a spacesuit, it has to be functional. That is to say, it must serve first of all to protect astronauts, provide comfort, and help them to carry out in the best way all the work they are going to do on the other side of the atmosphere.

“Above all, it was designed to keep astronauts safe. But it was also important that they were comfortable and inspiring ”Said Benji Reed, mission director on the SpaceX side.

Special features

As we already mentioned, security is number one priority. Protect them from some depressurization, where air is lost from the capsule. They are also made to ensure that astronauts have enough oxygen and have temperature regulators.

Photo by SpaceX

Communication with ground controllers is one of the most important features and is provided through the helmet. These helmets are made with 3D printing technology, and the gloves are made to be responsive to the capsule’s touchscreens.

These new suits –we believe them from just seeing them– they are approximately 40% lighter than previous generations of space suits worn by American astronauts.

How, when and where to see the launch of the Crew Dragon from Space X and NASA? 🚀

As you have already seen in the photos, SpaceX left for a fairly minimalist white with gray suit, however Boieng, who also have a contract to take trips in the commercial space program, they opted for a blue model.

Photo by BOEING

“These space suits function as a backup in an emergency situation. It’s like having a fire extinguisher, which should always be available and working when you need it. If all goes well, astronauts won’t need to wear the suit. “Said Richard Watson, NASA’s space suit manager.

One of the reasons why they look so light and so well designed, is that these suits are not made to fully withstand the challenges of outer space. In other words, they are not designed for spacewalking. For those suits to have a design like those that will be used today, it still takes a little more time.


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