After the cancellation of the Google I / O 2020 that was going to take place this week, it was expected that the economic terminal of Google for this year would arrive on the same date. Now, it seems that this could also have been affected. According to the latest reports, it could move even until June 3.

The Google I / O was scheduled for May 12-14. That is, between Tuesday and Thursday of this week. Now, according to the Caschys publication, this would have its presentation in three weeks.

New Pixel 4a date: coinciding with the presentation of the final beta of Android 11

According to the aforementioned media, this smartphone is expected to reach the German market from June 5, 2020. Until now, providers such as Vodafone listed this device as available from May 22. East delay it would fit with another of the events that Google has scheduled soon.

And it is that on May 3, as Android Police points out, the act of presentation of Android 11 Beta. During this event, the final characteristics of the next version of Android, as well as the next Google device, could be presented.

As they warn from Android Police, Google itself warns in this same announcement that “there will be news, updates and announcements about connectivity, controls, security, productivity, accessibility and a lot of other things that we are not yet ready to tell you about.” This last reference could be the confirmation of the date of the Google Pixel 4a, when mentioning by voice: “hopefully it will not leak.”

The Pixel 4a are the economic version of Google’s reference smartphones for this year. The edition of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL in a somewhat more limited package in features, and a rival ready to compete in the mid-range against the also recent iPhone SE 2020. Of course, with a very high-level camera.

If the Google Pixel 4a date, It will be bad news for a device that the Apple alternative has advanced in its arrival on the market. Their prices, which are expected to be practically identical, are rather contained compared to the usual ones in 2020. Some of them, even the historically economic ones such as OnePlus and Xiaomi, have reached the barrier of 1,000 euros.

As practically every year, Google’s hardware does not resist leaks. The Pixel 4a has already been shown in several, including a video appearance and even an analysis of its photographic capabilities.

As every recent year, it is expected that in this digital event that replaces the Google I / O 2020, the version with already definitive characteristics of Android 11. This would be complemented later, during the launch of the next Pixel reference in October.

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