Dozens of flight passengers IB3838 of Iberia Express that flies between Madrid and Gran Canarias They have protested on social networks about the conditions in which they had to be transported last Sunday, May 10.

After viewing the photos and videos, the Civil Guard has made the decision to denounce the company for not complying with the regulations of the alarm decree after verifying that the ship flew with more than 70% of the occupation and the lack of respect for the distances between passengers to avoid contagions by coronavirus.

Spain, one of the most affected countries and with the highest rate of infection, registers more than 26,000 deaths due to the virus.

Among the complaints of those affected, it is agreed that despite being separated at the airport, taking precautionary measures, once they entered the Iberia Express, the conditions changed completely.

📌Madrid yesterday May 10, plane full of Iberia company.
You cannot travel from one municipality to another because you are in phase 0, but you can see that flying is entirely acceptable!

… Madrid did not close in its day and we will continue to pay for this madness!

Together we will go out, okay? #COVID

– Viqui🎗 (@viquirepublica) May 11, 2020

Where is the safety distance @Iberia? The plane is almost completely full and there is not even a separation seat between passengers. This is a shame. @el_pais @eldiarioes @elmundoes

– Efrén Hernández (@efren_hr) May 10, 2020

Iberia responds

For his part Iberia It assures through a statement that because the planes have HEPA filters “with an efficiency of 99.9%”, and that the air is renewed every two to three minutes, there is no greater risk of contagion.

Iberia also recalls that although the guidelines of the state of alarm ask airlines to ensure maximum separation, it does not cite specific restrictions. Also remember that “all passengers and all crews have face masks on board.”

The flights that operate between the peninsula and the Canary Islands are allowed by force majeure and as long as the passenger proves the causes of the displacement.

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