After presenting the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 – also known as the Mi Smart Band 5 – in its native country, the manufacturer of Asian origin has revealed when will launch its new physical monitoring bracelet in Spain (and the rest of the western markets in which it operates).

The phrase published in Xiaomi’s official Twitter account is concise but revealing enough: “See you next month.”

How soon? Sooner than you expect🔥🔥🔥 # MiSmartBand5

– Xiaomi (@Xiaomi) June 11, 2020

Will the Mi Band 5 for Spain be similar to the Chinese version?

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 It will go on sale in China on June 18. It will be available in two different versions: one will have NFC connectivity and the other, instead, will do without it. The price of both variants varies by 40 yuan – which is equivalent to approximately 5 euros.

The most important changes include the new magnetic charging system, a larger screen, an improved heart rate sensor and the ability to monitor up to 11 different workouts. The Mi Smart Band 5, in addition, allows to track the menstrual cycle, can be used as a remote control for the mobile camera and resists immersions in water up to 5 ATM.

The version for the Chinese market has the voice assistant Xiao AI and, in addition, it allows to make payments in stores using NFC connectivity. Facing the European version, it is rumored that Xiaomi You could replace your own voice assistant with Amazon Alexa and also enable NFC connectivity to make payments in stores. For the latter, however, the brand would have to close various agreements with European banking entities. Xiaomi, for the moment, has not confirmed either of the two rumors.

Regarding the price, the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is expected to land in Spain with a label similar to that of the Mi Smart Band 4. For reference, this is currently marketed in Spain for 34.99 euros.


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