As every Friday we leave you a new selection with the best deals of the week in our classic Red Friday. We maintain the usual format, which means that to see the details of each offer you only have to enter the links that we accompany.

I also take this opportunity to wish you a good weekend.

PC Components has updated its selection of offers and it leaves us a huge amount of interesting products at a good price. You can find them all at this link, and remember that it is also possible to filter by categories to better refine the results with the panel on the left.
Red Dead Redemption 2 for Xbox One is downgraded to 26.99 euros, and the PS4 version is available from 29.90 euros.
You also have on sale Resident Evil 3 Remake for Xbox One. It can be yours for 49.49 euros.
We continue reviewing offers in games so that you enjoy your leisure hours while the confinement lasts. DOOM Eternal is downgraded to 49.49 euros in its PC version.
Amazon exclusive edition of The Division 2 for PS4 is downgraded to 17.55 euros.
The Realme 5 Pro remains one of the best smartphones of the moment. The version with Snapdragon 712, 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage is downgraded to 219 euros.
With the arrival of the iPhone SE 2020 the iPhone 8 has dropped in price. In Amazon you have it reconditioned from 318 euros.
If you prefer an iPhone Xr, you can also get it at a good price if you use the reconditioned ones from Amazon, where it is available from 549.99 euros.
Do you need a top-notch mechanical keyboard but on a tight budget? Well take advantage, you have the Corsair K68 RGB, splash resistant and with Cherry MX Red switches, lowered to just 109 euros.
You can accompany that Corsair M65 PRO RGB mouse keyboard, one of the best in its range. It is lowered to 44.99 euros.
In case RPGs and strategy games are your thing, you should take a look at the Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB, which is downgraded to 64.99 euros.
Are you looking for a television? Well you have the Samsung 4K UHD 2019 50RU7405 50-inch lowered to 439.99 euros. Includes One Remote.
If you need something cheaper take advantage, you have the Samsung 4K UHD 2019 43RU7025 43-inch lowered to 299.99 euros.
Do you want to enjoy the best sound in your favorite games and multimedia content? The Corsair HS70 Wireless are everything you need. They are lowered to 79.99 euros.
Corsair’s Vengeance LPX RAM is another of the week’s hottest deals. We can get a 16GB (2 x 8GB) 3GHz CL16 kit for just 77.98 euros.
The Core i3 9100F is downgraded to 74.33 euros, an interesting price for a chip with a high IPC that adds up to four cores.
This 480GB SanDisk SSD is on sale and can be yours for 56 euros.
If you need something cheaper to update an old PC, don’t worry, this 60 GB SSD by 15.99 euros it’s a good option.
We finish our selection of offers with the Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop, which is downgraded to 849.99 euros.

Note: This selection contains some links from our affiliates, but none of the included products have been proposed or recommended by them or their manufacturers, but chosen at our own discretion


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