There is one fact that is even more obvious these days: to enjoy our favorite games you no longer need to sit on a sofa and depend on a game console and a television or monitor. With increasingly complete smartphones And with more features, it was a matter of time before we could also take our passion for video games to a new level. And good proof of this is the RedMagic 5G, which has just been presented in Europe, after its initial launch in March, and which for many is the best gaming smartphone on the market.

Until now, we have only seen 5G on phones with prices of approximately one thousand euros. RedMagic 5G starts from the 579 euros.

Gaming-focused phones are no longer shrill, with lots of colors and lights shining all the time. Nor do they increase its size and weight to incorporate better components. And a good example is the RedMagic 5G that, in addition, incorporates as one of the main novelties, 5G network compatibility. This is somewhat interesting if we take into account that it is only the traditional telephone manufacturers (Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi …) that are incorporating this technology only in their super high ranges, with prices above one thousand euros. With a price less than 600 eurosTherefore, RedMagic 5G represents the first step towards the democratization of a technology that is destined to revolutionize telecommunications.

The addition of 5G compatibility meets the demands of gamers, who are increasingly looking to enjoy their favorite video games. without a physical limitation and of course without losing gameplay. This is precisely what you will find thanks to 5G technology, with download speeds 20 times faster to the 4G network.

RedMagic 5G, possibly the best mobile to play

From its manufacture, it is clear that the RedMagic 5G is a phone that all the gamer public will want to have. It incorporates aspects that help the games develop in a faster way and minimizing latency. On the one hand, as we have already seen, 5G connectivity but on the other, its screen with a refresh rate of up to 144 Hz. This is key both to play and to scroll in a smoother and more fluid way. The high refresh rates are something that we are already beginning to see in gaming phones and that, due to their advantages, they are adding more and more consumer mobiles, such as the new Samsung S20 that reaches up to 120 Hz.

To ensure optimal performance both in running applications and demanding video games with the phone, the RedMagic 5G It comes equipped with a powerful Qualcomm processor, specifically, the Snapdragon 865. But a good processor without adequate RAM loses efficiency so the phone up to 12 GB of RAM (the new LPDDR5 with speeds of up to 5500Mbps) and up to 256GB of internal storage. More than enough in a world where most files are consumed via streaming or stored in the cloud.

Game Space 2.1 is what all gamers were waiting to enjoy videogames to the fullest from their mobile phone.

The next important aspect when buying a phone, and even more so if it is one intended for gaming, is autonomy. In the case of RedMagic 5G we have a 4,500 mAH battery. More than enough for long hours of use but, also, thanks to its fast charge of up to 55W (the charger is sold separately), it prevents us from being hung in the middle of the game.

A phone designed by and for gamers

As for the use, one of the most innovative aspects, and that make it clear to us what kind of audience it is intended for, is its game mode, which is called Game Space 2.1. Once executed we can, from accessing a multitude of installed games to configure the phone for best performance during each type of game we select.

Although Game Space 2.1 is not a new concept, it has found the best device to deploy in the RedMagic 5G. Offers features previously only seen on desktops, such as possibility to overclock the CPU and GPU to get the most out of the phone’s performance and potential during very demanding games.

To complete the best gaming experience, the new RedMagic 5G incorporates two physical buttons on the side of the phone, especially easy to configure and useful for the best game performance. After selecting the action, we can from throwing a grenade or pressing the brake in a race.

As for the cooling of the phone, mainly after several hours of use, RedMagic 5G solves the problem of high temperatures with your Active Liquid-Cooling system, inspired by the same system used by the most advanced PCs. To achieve this, it combines a liquid cooling system with a turbo heat sink, always keeping the CPU temperature in an optimal state.

The new Red Magic 5G is for sale from April 21 in two versions, one 8GB + 128GB in Eclipse Black and the 12GB + 256GB Pulse. The price starts from 579 euros and can be purchased on its website.


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