A little over a year ago, Apple introduced the Powerbeats Pro, headphones by the brand Beats by Dr. Dre (Beats), wireless headphones aimed mainly at athletes (sports professionals, depending on the brand), who have very specific needs in relation to this type of device. For example, they have all the controls on each handset, in case the user only wants to use one. In addition, both the materials and the pads have been designed to withstand very intense movements without falling.

And now, just over a year later, Apple has decided to give a little more color to this line of headphones, as SlashGear tells us, presenting Spring Yellow, Glacier Blue, Cloud Pink and Lava Red, four new and striking colors that , nobody escapes, they are an important counterpoint to the Powerbeats pro existing until now: Ivory, Moss, Navy and Black. And it is that the first four have quite sober colors, almost more associated with the brand image of Apple than that of Beats, while the second ones do fit more in the context of the brand created by Dr. Dre and acquired by Apple now six years ago.

You are probably wondering and the answer is no, There is no change between the Powerbeats Pro that have already been on sale for a year and what has just been presented, and which will hit the market in early June. Something that undoubtedly attracts a lot of attention, since Apple is not a company given to launch its existing products in new colors. Instead, it expands the color range of the catalog by taking advantage of the launch of new versions of existing products.

So why have they taken this step? Apple carries everything we’ve lived through 2020 making a lot of noise, either directly or through leaks, in relation to its offer of headphones. A few months ago we were talking about the Apple Powerbeats 4, just a week ago about the Apple Airpods Studio and, when we are still waiting for news from the latter, we get these four new colors of the Powerbeats Pro.

I admit that I am very intrigued by this series of movements, and I feel that the objective of those from Cupertino is give more and more visibility to its entire headphone offer and, perhaps, adopt a new segmentation of it in the medium term. Undoubtedly, without making comparisons, the overall quality of the Apple headphones (and here I include the Beats) is quite good. I am not saying that better or worse than other brands, I do not go into those disquisitions, but I recognize that they provide a quite remarkable sound.

So, it makes sense to think that, after a few years with a slightly lower profile in this regard, have decided to give a serious boost to this business area, with the intention of beating copper with other brands that, today, have a greater market share and, in addition, with greater recognition by common users. An active demand for the space they consider to deserve.

If so, surely these new Powerbeats Pro are not the latest, in relation to the market for headphones, which comes to us this year from Apple. At the moment, now the wait is focused on the hypothetical Airpods Studio, which could see the light in late June. Thereafter? Perhaps a quiet summer and a September with some other surprises in this regard around the already traditional September keynote. Only time will clear us of doubts.


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