Tesla It has published the financial results corresponding to its first fiscal quarter of 2020 and has achieved what it has never before: that the first of the year does not generate losses. Also, it would have been the period with more car deliveries in company history if it hadn’t been for the coronavirus.

The electric vehicle maker has reported revenue from $ 5.9 billion during the quarter one 1.5 billion more that the first quarter of 2019 and almost 100 million dollars more than what Wall street I expected. The company ensures that it is obtaining, on average, a 25% gain in the sale of their cars.

It’s the first time that Tesla has reported three quarters in a row generating profits

Gross profit for the quarter stands at $ 1,234 million, 118% more than the first quarter of 2019. But the numbers have some fiscal engineering: Tesla has sold $ 354 million in regulatory credits for polluting emissions.

In fact Tesla, since 2012 has generated more than $ 1.7 billion selling this type of emission credits to other car manufacturers within the United States, including General Motors and Fiat chrysler.

Tesla It also ensures that there is the possibility of achieving the goal of 500,000 cars during 2020 despite the coronavirus, but it will depend on the date on which the Fremont factory reopens, currently halted by the quarantine measures applied in the state of California.

Positive financial results have pleased the US stock market, Tesla stock rose 11% after being published.

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