After filing a lawsuit against Alameda County and threatening to move his Fremont plant to another state, Tesla has already started making cars in California. According to The Verge, the company revived the production of electric cars in the Fremont Gigafactory, where employees trusted that around 200 units of Model Y and Model 3 have already been completed.

Apparently all this was done in secret And Musk has plans to repeat it next weekend, according to workers who trusted the information anonymously. The Tesla plant in California It has been closed since March 23, something that irritates its founder too much.

Elon Musk not only called quarantine “fascism”, but has made statements for weeks regarding coronavirus, some of them at level of denial shared by others who demand an end to confinement and the reopening of business in the United States. Some Tesla employees stated that they were asked to return to work and who fear for their work situation if they refuse to participate.

Some Tesla employees fear being fired if they don’t go to work

Three workers trusted Business Insider that Tesla threatened to withdraw the benefits and the possibility of applying for unemployment insurance if they do not show up for work. One of them said that the status of your work permit could change if you do not agree to the company’s request. If confinement remained in place until the end of May, Tesla would have gone two months without making a single car — at least officially.

The quarantine in Alameda will be lifted until the end of May

Although the altercation between Tesla and local authorities dates from the end of March, last Thursday it reached a critical point. The Governor of CaliforniaGavin Newson expressed that the final decision on returning to work in the state remained in the hands of local bodies. In this case, Alameda County would have the last word and decided to extend the quarantine until the end of May.

The decision not only sparked Musk’s ire, but an immediate lawsuit against the Alameda government. The Tesla chief said the acting health officer of the local administration was acting against the Governor and the President. Elon described as “ignorant and unelected” the officer and, as usual, used Twitter to pour out his anger and threaten to move the Fremont Gigafactory to Nevada or Texas.

At the moment the measures will be unknown that the administration of Alameda will take before returning to work in Fremont. Employees would not be willing to testify as they fear for their work situation on the production floor.

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