Telmex, the Internet provider with the most clients in Mexico, is suffering connection failures in your Infinitum network since 14:30. The reports come from various regions of the country, mainly from the downtown area and Nuevo León. In the first minutes the drop was total, and although some users indicate that the service was restored during the last hour, the speed continues to present problems.

In DownDetector you can see the heat map, highlighting that the central region is the most affected by the situation. Evidently, the problem is even more worrisome due to the coronavirus quarantineBecause millions of people are studying or working from home. Their activities have been interrupted and the solution does not seem to come soon.

At the time of writing this post Telmex still speaks about it. However, thousands of users are already expressing their discontent through social networks, mainly on Twitter. The last time a drop of this magnitude occurred, the service recovered during the night, but it took several hours for them to issue a statement about what happened.

We will update this publication as more information becomes available.


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