Tell me who I am, the literary phenomenon written by Julia Navarro, will reach the small screen in serial format thanks to Movistar +. It is an international production carried out with the collaboration of Telemundo that will consist of 9 50-minute episodes and will premiere next fall.

Tell me who I am tells the story of a journalist who receives a proposal to investigate the life of his great-grandmother, Amelia Garayoa, a woman who is only known to have fled her husband and son abandoned shortly before the Spanish civil war broke out. To rescue her, rescue her from oblivion, she will have to reconstruct her history from the foundations, fitting, one by one, all the pieces of the immense and extraordinary puzzle of her life. From the years of the Second Spanish Republic to the fall of the Berlin Wall, through the Second World War and the Cold War.

The series is produced by Jose Manuel Lorenzo (Los Japan), is directed by Eduard Cortés (Nobody’s Life), and the script runs with Piti Español (Nobody’s Life). Irene Escolar, winner of a Goya for An Autumn without Berlin, will give life to Amelia Garayoa. She is accompanied by Oriol Pla (Uncertain Glory), Pablo Derqui (Julia’s eyes), Pierre Kiwitt (The mothers of the Third Reich), Will Keen (Dark matter), Maria Pia Calzone (Gomorra) and Stefan Weinert (The photographer of Mauthausen ).

The series supposes a exciting journey through the 20th century and its most relevant historical events through the life of Amelia Garayoa, a woman full of contradictions who will make mistakes that she will never finish paying for and will end up suffering firsthand the ruthless scourge of both Nazism and the Soviet dictatorship. He will star alongside an extensive gallery of characters in the adventure of living intensely a century, from Republican Spain to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

«A rigorous, intelligent and quality project», in the words of the protagonist Irene Escolar, which according to the director Eduard Cortés It is “filmed with all the truth and all the intensity so that the viewer greatly enjoys the adaptation of Julia Navarro’s novel.” It also has a technical team of 200 professionals between Spain and Hungary, who “enthusiastically joined the project”, says the creator and producer José Manuel Lorenzo.


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