Telegram celebrates this Friday a new milestone in terms of growth, since the instant messaging platform has reached 400 million users monthly assets. This is revealed by Pavel Durov, its CEO, in an article that offers other interesting information about what is one of the services of the moment.

For example, in these times of a pandemic due to the coronavirus, Durov assures that Telegram is adding “at least” one and a half million users per day, which has caused the app to rank as the most downloaded in the category of social networks in more than 20 countries around the world. “When we started Telegram 7 years ago, we assumed that people will always choose freedom and quality over restrictions and mediocrity, “says the CEO. “As the popularity gap between Telegram and its older competitors narrows, we find that original assumption increasingly valid.”

In this context, and together with other additions that come to the platform, such as an improvement in the Android sharing menu or new sticker packs, the social network announces that it is working on a new function for be able to make group video calls through the application. Currently, video calls are not among its options, and the recent boom in Zoom – along with its privacy problems – has evidenced, according to Durov, the need for a tool that provides this quality safely.

Far, for now, from WhatsApp

Although the 400 million users are an important figure and the half million is getting closer, the truth is that Telegram is still far from WhatsApp, leader in western soil and the heat of which grows when it has connection failures, for example. The messenger service owned by Zuckerberg has more than 2 billion users to his credit, which leaves the vast majority of alternatives out of the game.

The firm does not cease in its efforts to measure itself against the largest, that is, and despite the fact that the addition of video calls still has no arrival date, it is also presented as an important incentive when it comes to adding new users and loyalty to existing ones.

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